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Got a letter from Dell finance this week informing me that due to "past negative credit reporting" the new interest rate on my Dell "preferred" acount would now be raised to 29.99%. They also kindly informed me that I had the right to reject the change (in writing)though that would result in the closing of my account. They have joined the rush to wringing every dollar from their customers in advance of new regulations on the credit industry.

I immediately mailed a letter telling them to please DO close my account...I will pay off my balance at their "usual exorbitant interest rate."

I am months ahead on the payments on my most recent of THREE computers I have purchased from Dell. I have spent thousands of $$ at Dell on printers, software, routers, ink....... Some of this is personal and some is for the company I own.

Neither I, nor anyone in my company or family will ever again purchase a Dell product.

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I have the same problem I got a letter in the mail with the interest charges I could not believe what I read out of a $100.00 a month payment only $30.00 is deducted from the bill also by the time I finish paying up my account I will have pay over $7000.00 on my two computer and one printer that cost less then $800.00 in the first place very upset costomer


I have order 100K of dell product on my acount, now they are raising my interest

F.... them. Iam closing my account with them and I am talking to IBM people now,

I believe that Ibm IS A GOOD PATNER.


They're the worst company ever. I will never buy another thing from them.

I had the same problem one time with them but they were so *** it worked in my favor. I bought one of their MP3 players with 60 days same as cash. My first bill a few weeks later (maybe 3) stated they had sent me to collections for not paying. I called them and they said I'd have to talk to collections, spoke to collections who said I'd have to talk to Dell cuz they hadn't received it in collections.

Neither side would let me pay for the darned thing and it never hit my credit.

Could have been worse. Never again tho


I called asking them for the mailing address that they sent me in the letter but "customer service" said they couldn't give it to me because that information was "confidential"!! If you judram, or anyone else who got that letter, can post the address, I'll be glad. Thank you.


Can you please tell me what the address is to mail this letter to? I really, REALLY want to close my account with them.

I'm tired of talking to people in India about my account here in the US. I'm SICK of Dell, sick of them. I don't care if it hurts my credit score. I have other cards on which to build my credit up.

I bought a computer with them in 2005 and I owe more than the purchase price, part of that is my fault being late, but part of it is the exorbitant interest rates they charge.

I called asking to make a deal with them, I pay them a certain amount, $500 and we'll be done but they said they couldn't make such deals and I must pay the balance. It *** me off!!


I received the same letter last night. However I am sending a letter to them advising that I will not use the account anymore - but to not close my account. By closing yur account, you are hurting your credit even more.

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