I bought a Dell laptop against my better judgement - always was a Gateway buyer. The Dell looked good and the price seemed fair so I purchased it.

I hate it!! Just to turn on the laptop there is this cheap little plastic round button on the side of the screen which broke right off after turning the laptop on and off. Now I have to use the tip of a pen to turn the *** thing on and pray I don't push against one of the wrong wires or little metal things where the button was. The keys all stick, but all a different times, then they all work, then they stick.

I have 5 USB slots on but only one is a "standard' size so I have to unplug the printer to plug the camera in, or unplug the camera to plug the GPS in, etc. The other slots are totally useless to me. There's no support whatsoever.

I will never buy another Dell ever again, I's rather spend a more $$ and get the Gateway.

Review about: Dell Laptop.

Monetary Loss: $750.

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