Bought this monitor as of 12-5-12, tried to register this monitor and the India Dell Tech Support stated you need service tag to register it.India TS said, you need to go back to the store which is Best Buy and ask the store to find out why no service tag.

So, I went back to Best Buy and talk to Store Manager, we check all 20"- 24" LED monitors no service tags. After checking Dell notebooks and desktops they had service tags. I said to store manager I will call Dell Customer service the next day. I called Dell Customer Service and again got Dell India (in case nobody knows, these people don't understand English and cannot speak English which makes it very hard to communicate with these people) I went thru Four different phone transfers.

Fortunately, I found out that 25" inch and up monitors have service tags.

The last phone transfer India TS guy wanted me to wait to transfer to another phone transfer and I told him, I had it, this is ridiculous just to register a monitor.I told him, I am taking back this monitor back to the store for an exchange and will never ever buy a Dell product again.

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