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I wasted 15-20 minutes on the phone, asking Dell for a price match.

As I wanted to use my seldom used Dell charge, I called to ask if they did price matching. After being told they did, I jumped through a bunch of hoops, trying to explain through the language difference, what Costco was, to the point of having to email a link to their rep.

After being placed on hold a few times so she could get my email, then research it, then check with her supervisor, I was told Dell wouldn't match that price, as it was too much lower than their's! I asked her why she had said Dell would price match, and made me go through all that stuff getting her the information, to which she replied Dell does price match, just not when the price is so much lower. I then tried asking how they could claim price matching, when they clearly do not, but it all got lost in the translation, or at least she acted that way.

Should also point out that this is about the third problem I've had with Dell lately, all with customer service. While the service has been lousy for years, it seems to get worse all the time. Think it's time to cut up my Dell charge, rather than try to keep a balance on it like the experts claim you should, and find a better company to do business with.

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I had exactly the same problem as dundeedave, May 2015. Chatted, sent the link, showed the lower price, the tech said they would try their best price (no mention of matching) but it could not be solved with the chat.

"My supervisor will call you." Called 2 or 3 people more, no phone call.

There is NO price match at DELL. I wondered if that is not false advertising and worthy of a call to some Consumer Affairs, State Attorney's office....

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