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I purchased a new Dell Inspiron Laptop and my Dell V715w printer in January 2011. My computer has been working OK but the printer has never worked properly since I got it. It works fine just after you install the software and wireless connection. However, a week or so later, it stops working again. Then I am back on the phone working my way up all their levels of support and after 4-6 hours of my time, it is back up and working again. And of course the Technician gives himself a crown and tells me how wonderful and talented he is.

I have sapoken with all the geniues from all over the world (except in the U.S.) with the same outcome.

After months of dealing with these people I am fed up. Nobody really cares about fixing the problem, they just want to get it working for the moment. I have paid all the extra fees to insure full support and was even transferred to a group called (IYOGI) to purchase their support expertise. I was told that they handled all of Dell's support and picked up the customers that Dell couldn't help. Of course this came with its own level of BS and Costs with the same results.

All along I was assured it the problem wasn't fixed on a permanent basis, I could return the printer for a full refund. Now six months into this torture, the story has changed and I only had 21 days for any turn. What a joke. It was all a delay tacktic leading up to "your screwed".

If Dell won't let us deal with people in the U.S. and has no intention of standing behind their products, then "Screw them". I WILL NEVER BUY ANOTHER DELL PRODUCT. And I would suggest that anybody who reads this either send there products back ASAP or not buy them in the first place.

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