I have purchased Dell Computers for years for both my family & my business. That era is over.

I started working with computers before DOS came out. (Anyone remember CPM?) Anyway, I can't get any help from Dell for any of our problems with our computers. My Dell Notebook has a VISTA 64 operating system. Every time it installs updates my soundcard disappears.

I've read every forum & gotten all of the help available & there is no solution to the issue. I turned off updates for many months & this solved the problem until now. Now the computer installs them anyway so I have no visable sound card. This is a common problem with my nice expensive little notebook according to what I read on the various forums & even Dell's own web site but Dell has no fix for this issue.

I would upgrade to Windows 7 but that is not a solution. My wonderful wife's new Dell has Window's 7. It runs about 10 minutes & then locks up. There is no solution for this problem either.

She has to turn it off & then, as long as she is using it, it's OK. As soon as she walks away from it for a few minutes, it goes into "hyperdrive" with a known/common conflict & just cannot be used until she performs another hard shutdown. Now it would be nice to simply go to the Dell web site & log onto our accounts & get help or send them an e-mail about these problems but we cannot do that... Instead, you spend hours trying to figure out how to contact them & then IF you can contact someone, they're no help at all.

If you don't believe me, simply read what's written on-line via a google search or read some of the stuff posted here. I've built a successful consulting business & my advice to everyone is to stay away from Dell products at any cost. I bought a lot of computers from them but they won't be getting any more money from me. My daughter has a MAC & everyone in the family envies her as she never has any problems at all.

Our next computers will all be MACs. My time is very precious to me & I don't have time for this!

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