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This story begins when I bought a Dell Inspiron 1525 laptop (which was receiving rave reviews) for $1100 back in Summer 2008(I had a special graphics card installed, so that upped the price). Was feeling happy about the purchase, the thing worked like a miracle, I was elated with the thing...

6 months later...

Hard-drive problems, which as I started reading reviews for it online, I noticed I'm not the only one. This model was pulled out of production because it had so many faults: hard-drive that breaks easily, poor/faulty cooling system (had to purchase a NICE cooling pad for it) The process of getting a new hard-drive involved numerous phone calls until I reached a reasonable agent who wasn't trying to get me to pay (I was on a full, adrenaline-boosted warranty, which covers about, well, everything, I don't have to pay) They finally fixed it, but...

Mood level: Annoyed

6 months later...

Repeat last process. Hard-drive crapped out again.

Mood level: Aggravated

1 year later...

Present day. My hard drive crapped out again, so I grudgingly called them again. This time, I received an agent who made the experience awesome, actually, her English was good, she actually cracked a few jokes. She noticed how many times they've replaced my hard-drive and basically said, "We're wasting money to keep replacing this thing, so, we're just going to send you a new laptop. Same value, same quality, and Hey! We'll throw in Windows 7"

Got my new laptop, however, its...how do you say it? A piece of ***? Half the memory. Half the ram. Poor graphics card. It seriously can't handle more than two windows being open at once before a message flashes that I should close 1 or 2 windows as the computer is low on memory (Notice: I haven't put ANYTHING on this laptop yet. Nothing)

Out of curiosity, I went to Dell.com to see how much its worth. Drum-roll, please. $599. A little more than half of what I originally paid. The specs are pathetic next to my original laptop beast.

Mood level?: livid, fuming, rabid, take your pick.

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1525's don't have video cards. Ram and memory are the same thing.

There is no error that tells you to close "1 or 2 windows as the computer is low on memory". Not because of half memory anyway. You probably went to facebook or some other *** infested site and got your computer infected with a virus. The low memory error is for when the system is low on resources, not because the memory capacity is smaller.

And Dell only replaces their systems with a refurbished system of equal or lesser value with equal or better parts. That's in their Policy. You probably didn't have that cream-of-the-crop warranty you thought you did. You are a liar, and you are slandering a company because you don't know how to shop.

If you would have bought a Latitude from the small business section you would have gotten the same exact machine for less with a better warranty and 24/7 US support. Think about it. Just about every government agency, school, and most small to large business use Dell. Quit getting mad over what was probably your fault the whole time.

You want aggravation.. Go call Gateway support.

And try and get your Mac repaired under warranty when their standard warranty lasts 6 months or less. Wake up people.

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