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Buyer beware of Dell’s unscrupulous sales on the “gray market” of computers with no serial numbers!! I bought a Dell NL-25 laptop (for $1799) from a reputable store-- the then-Price Club-- in 1992, in good faith, believing it to be backed by Dell.

When the laptop needed repair (on of the lid hinges and attached wiring began to disintegrate), I contacted Dell, and was willing to pay for the repairs myself. It was then that I found out that the laptop had no factory serial number and Dell informed me that, yes, Dell does sell some products without serial numbers, etc. In a Catch-22 situation, they said that they could no nothing to help without a serial number, suggesting that I seek redress from the seller instead. By then, unfortunately, Price Club had merged with Costco, and the latter felt no obligation whatsoever either. I was surprised by Dell’s lack of responsibility and indifference to customer problems caused by Dell business practices.

I know the statute of limitations is long past, but I wonder if Dell still engages in the same deceptive practices. I have certainly never again bought a Dell product and have advised others not to do so.

Review about: Dell Laptop.

Monetary Loss: $1799.

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