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I have had the worst experience with Dell Tech Support. I have had the same problem with my Inspiron D530 since I bought it several weeks ago.

I reported the error mssg to Tech Support and they attempted to correct the problem three times. Now they keep promising to call and help me over the phone. They schedule the call and lo and behold no call. I have bought 5 Dells in the past and I can guarantee I will NEVER buy another one.

Now I have a $1000 paper weight that I cannot view pics of my children and grandchildren on. Thanks Dell, for missed appointments, missing work, staying up late, and loads of frustration

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Adamantina, Sao Paulo, Brazil #33432

I used to recommend Dell to my newbie friends because of its friendly tech support. NEVER again.


I paid $287 for in-house 24/7 weekend and holiday service. Spoke to some Indian who said I have to identify the problem, do-it-yourself since the only in-home service I'd get was delivery of needed parts: No tech service at all!

Dell rhymes with smell.

Lying, thieving, crooked, swindlers. I should have spent the $287 at Circuit City, where they gave me a new printer when mine died.

Purmerend, North Holland, Netherlands #24522

I am having the same experence and they just don't give a dam if you or I or any other consumer buys again. I and my family will NOT ever buy Dell again. They just SUCK and I have they end up in some other country, it is to bad for their employees that do care

Drummondville, Quebec, Canada #23159

I'll NEVER buy DELL...EVER !!!

I would not take a DELL computer if someone offered to GIVE it to me !!!

All DELL knows how to say is 'We Can't.'

Shipment was NOT on time, for starters. 2 days promised, 6 days delivered. Conversion deadline was missed because of it, with NO compensation on DELL's part. "We CAN'T" they said. They tried to point the finger at the company they hired to ship/represent them-DHL. Then, the wrong operating system was installed on the machine, and there were no correct operating system CDs with the product.

When asked to simply send the proper CDs, they again replied: "We CAN'T". After over 5 hours of pleading on 3 separate calls, I gave up. On each call an outsourced person (sounded like from India on all of them) repeatedly did NOT want to provide the needed customer service warranted by THEIR OWN ERROR. There was NO INTEREST or concern in correcting their problem.

They repeatedly told me to send the machine back. I wanted to keep it...I just wanted my software as promised and as paid for.

When I asked to speak to a manager at least 10 times in succession on 1 call alone, it was denied very smoothly by first agreeing and then putting me on HOLD for over 5 minutes, after which I hung up and retried. Seriously…they have a LOT of managerial complaints if it takes that long for escalation in custome service. Then, we played the same HOLD game/results for management the next 2 times, with longer waits. (This is how they keep from getting bad ratings on their call log, as it probably shows no mgmt involvement, only that the customer hung up.)

On one call, I asked that they read me the last call entry. It stated that the customer wanted a different operating system than what was shipped and the customer was unwilling to pay for it. CLEARLY an out and out LIE. They either cannot document in English properly, or they do this so as NOT to receive bad marks for poor customer service. 2 of the reps said the CDs would be sent. NO RECORD of this in the calls. Never got CD's 'promised'.

Yes, the DELL machine was returned. It's like they don't want to sell computers. Strange company.

I have NEVER experienced so much useless "We CAN'T" drivel from ANY customer support group for anything. Over 5 hours total!!! PITIFUL. Remember, you're paying for a years 'service' included in the price, but you WON'T get any service, just 3d world runaround and empty promises.

You get NOTHING from DELL. Zero service and less satisfaction.

BE SMART... DON'T buy a DELL if you EVER feel you will need to talk to a knowlegeable, honest, American based support rep that has been empowered to make true Customer Service decisions.

I'll be correcting my mistake. I'll NEVER buy DELL...EVER !!!

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