Lakeside Marblehead, Ohio

I bought a Dell Inspiron and had it for 3 weeks.

It locked up and would not boot.

After an Hour with dell support on the phone nothing was done.

I was not asked to turn on the PC, turn it over, take the battery out...NOTHING.

The only thing I was told was that I have a virus and only Dell could fix it.

The tech went on to tell me I needed to buy all this different software and parts to fix it.

The total came to as much as I paid for the pc in the first place. I hung up frustrated.

After thinking about it, I tried to Boot the pc again and in doing so I pressed F2 and there....BIG AS LIFE was the problem.....You see, Dell has 256 memory bank in the Dell inspiron....But here's the kicker, Dell pre-loads the software for Windows 7...In the set-up it states CLEARLY...

NOTE* This computer has 256 memory and it is not enough to run the programs downloaded. DELL KNOWS THIS AND IS ALLOWING FAULTY PRODUCT TO BE SOLD TO THE CONSUMERS AND THEN WANT TO SELL MORE SOFTWARE TO BE RUN ON A COMPUTER THAT CAN NOT RUN IT. And to Boot...they tell you you have a virus...YEA....THEIR OWN CREATED VIRUS.

My conversation was recorded by Dell to insure quality...I'm sure they have the tape.

Monetary Loss: $600.

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