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Charged me for a problem by giving it to a sales group who make money telling you that you have more problems than you do. Dropping the price as per what they think they can get out of you.

I could not open a word program, called Dell service who connected me to MYTECHGURUS who found thousands of problems with my relatively new Dell. A salesman doubled taked me, I copied the transcript even though they would not give me one, saying I had to spend $350 for service that will last and that I had 6000 issues on my pc. After negotiation, he said he would fix my isse for $100. I watched him take control and made fixes that I could have done myself.

My ms word was'nt opening which was my main concern

and in the end the prblem was partially resolved. Dell us to take care if minor issues like this without a problem.

I have had three Dels before. First they outsourced their service to the far east and the pass it along to a company who trys its best to *** you out of whatever they can.

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Yeah man, i JUST had an experience with them. My computer has ran like *** from the get-go, i kept asking if i could get some assistance for a factory reinstall.

They just kept saying that they could fix my issue, they remotely controlled my PC and ran something in command prompt and this script came up saying "HACKED, VIRUS MALWARE HACKED" all across the screen. (Which was extremely bogus) Then they said they can "fix it" for $125

No thanks.

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