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I bought a Dell computer in April of 2008. Shortly there after I encountered many problems with the machine. The fan was making an awful noise. I called Dell and they promptly came out to my place of business and replaced the fan.

Two weeks later this new fan started making the same noise. They came out and replced the fan AND the motherboard. A week later the new fan started making noise. Noises that sounded like a drill from the dentist - loud! I had to lock the laptop in the bathroom while I met with customers!

In the midst of all of this, my computer stopped hybernating and the only way it would shut down is to hold the power button down. I called again and at this point (they tried to resolve the hybernating problem and was told they couldn't fix it), to my insistance, said that they would replace the lemon computer that I have. This was at the end of AUGUST.

I was promised many times that this new computer would be received the first few days in September. Then I was told the 8th of September, then 2-3 Business days more times then I can count. I have been given a 'special' number to call but no one has ever given me a call back when I have called.

I got a call sometimes, and then, nothing for over a week's time. I was given an order # and then was told it was canceled because of how long it has been. I got a new order number 10787791 and when I called their automated number said it was already delivered...December of 2004!!!!!

This special extension I was given, I was told if you call that number that someone calls you back within "1-2 hours" but like I said previously, to date, I have never received a call back.

I run a business and also take classes at a local University. And this doesn't account for any personal time that I use my laptop for. All I have ever asked from Dell is a computer that works. I have repeatedly been promised this replacement computer and constantly been lied to. They already have my money so I have no recourse in which to get what was promised to me and what was covered under warantee.

I called Dell on 10/1 to find out the status since my promised call of 9/30 never happened. I was on the phone for 2 hours, transfered 5 times and, after talking with a supervisor was HUNG UP ON. (This is not a new phenomenon, I have been hung up on 4 or 5 times now since this process started...I just now started to keep record of it.)

After a complaint to the BBB, the next night I had an email and voice mail on my home phone from an "Arun" at a new extension. I left a voice mail.

I received a call back 10/3 at my business where Arun proceeded to tell me that I would get my computer whenever it shipped. That is EXACTLY what I have been told since this process started!!!! I was first promised a new computer at the end of AUGUST and it is now October!! He was rude and told me that I could not speak to anyone else, not a supervisor.

I was told that it was scheduled to ship on September 29th. The parts are backordered and he doesn't know when they will come in!!!! And this is their resolution center??? I have NEVER in my life had such a horrible customer service experience.

The hours (I roughly counted them up, well over 30 hours worth) I have spent on trying to get a working computer could have easily paid for a replacement computer. Dell's employee Arun, who is supposedly a "Executive Support Resolver" told me nothing more then the lies I have been told up until this point by other Dell agents.

It is now October 14th, I have NO working computer and no one has contacted me since from Dell. They have my money and I have a computer that is nothing more then a paperweight at this point.

Please, do yourself a HUGE favor and countless hours of a Toshiba, buy a HP, buy a Gateway...whatever, just don't buy a Dell.

Monetary Loss: $600.

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