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i bought a new dell on 9 24 11 at best buy,

i got it home and all it did was shut down telling me it was shut

down improperly. yet i never touched anything. went to a black screen

and then a blue screen. and just kept doing this over and over again.

how could dell even let this computer out of the factory.

when i went back to best buy they made me wait over 2 hours for service.

they said they had to check it out to make sure i did not mess it up.

then they told me it was a bad computer. and would not replace it with

the same dell cause it was being discontinued. plus driving 50 miles

and gas.

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I do not think it is Dell.It is best buy and their customer service. I had a bad experience with best buy and their so called 2 year extended warranty.

Beware I bought a pc and shortly after had issues with it and took it in to be fixed and they stated that is not covered with your 2 year warranty.

I stated that was never expressed by the sales person and the manager stated "yeah we get that quite often" The normal price to fix it is $200 but with our special we will fix it for $170. I have never been back since.

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