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I bought a Dell Desktop.When I turned it on, it sounded like an old car on its last legs.

It sputtered and vibrated. I slapped the side of it and it stopped for awhile then BAM it started up again. I did not know I would need a tune up at my car repair shop for this thing right out of the box! Then, the Internet didn't work.

(I later discovered the reason for this was that I needed to screw in the antennas in the back.) However, I called Dell "Ne Customer" Service. of course in India. Abdul said he would have to send some info to my computer to fix the Internal issue which would be kind of hard when I COULDN'T GO ON THE NTERNET AND THIS WAS THE REASON FOR MY CALL. He said I would have to hard wire the computer first and would call me back in 30 minutes to finish the upgrade.

That was three months ago and Abdul never called me back. I have never seen such bad customer service in my life especially when I was a new customer. Best Buy gladly took the unit back and I got another one from much better Gateway.

I would recommend you stay away from Dell, unless you know a good auto mechanic and don't mind be treted poorly by customer service.STAY AWAY from the DELL!

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Haha, what is this I don't even


I never liked Dell. They used to make special notches in their RAM so you had to buy Dell Ram, but the only difference was the notch to lock it into place was an inch down the card...I don't think they do that anymore, but something like that I can't ever get over, it's so wrong.


Dell produces millions of computers per year.So a few are going to be bad right out of the box.

I used to work for Circuit City and HP Desktop computers had issues right from the factory. I even had a Gateway I sold and set up for someone that the factory forgot to connect the hard drive !!! I connected it and went about my merry way, but a normal person wouldn't know to even look.

It sounds like your Dell had a bad ball bearing in the fan. It will vibrate and eventually burn out, but it could vibrate for years!

And ruin your motherboard with the constant vibrations. It happens. (the fans cost about $5 to make and if you buy one from a store they cost about $25-$35) I would have returned it too, kudos to you for taking it back WITHIN the return time frame. See everyone?

See how easy it is to return something to Best Buy when you play by the rules you agree to at checkout?

Glad it worked out for you.Gateway certainly isn't perfect, but in the end, as with all computers, it's all about how you use it.

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