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Update by user Mar 22, 2012

Yes, I know that. This is NOT a recovery disc. I needed a resource disc. Dell would only send one if I payed them $50 for the disc.

It\'s part of their \"proprietary\" software. If I had bought the Win XP OS disc, everything that I needed would have been on the disc to get me up and running, but Dell, oh no, they couldn\'t let that happen!! Not without making you BUY the disc that has the drivers that you NEED to get the system up.

Luckily, I was able to get the drivers and put them on a flash drive, then load them onto the system. Once on the net, Microsoft Update found all of the other drivers and updates that I needed.

Makes me angry that Dell does this. They do the same thing with, fans, for example. Proprietary plugs, if you use a standard fan that you can buy for $5, you get an error message. Don\'t like getting an error message that your fans aren\'t working every time you start up your computer? Then buy the \"correct\" fan from Dell, for $35. Get it now? Dell sucks, period.

At least I don\'t have an $800 paper weight and the piece of junk works now

Update by user Mar 22, 2012

Now I have $800 in a computer that doesn\'t work.

Original review posted by user Mar 22, 2012

I bought a Dell (my first BIG mistake) and they DO NOT SHIP WITH RECOVERY OR RESOURCE CD'S!!

I had a problem and I had to reinstall the OS (Windows XP none the less) and I can not get anything else on the computer to work, no drivers, etc.

I called Dell customer support and the first thing the *** told me was to go to online support and download the drivers. I explained that if I could do that I wouldn't be CALLING THEM ON THE PHONE. Then they want me to PAY $59.00 to connect me to tech support to "fix" the probelm. (I know what the problem is, they didn't give me a resource CD, I have an OS disc.)

The other "option" is to PAY $50.00 + S&H for the resource CD.

So, that is my only two options at this point, #1. PAY Dell or #2. PAY Dell.

Just for giggles and since I had recently built my own system (definately the way to go from now on) I had a Win 7 disc. I tried to install Win 7, no luck, the Dell computer will not even read the disc. It is not the drive, I can put any music disc, movie disc, program disc, etc. in the drive and it will read it, it just will not accept any other OS other than the one it shipped with. (It is not the Win 7 disc either, it reads fine in any other computer I have, it just won't work in the Dell.)

So I am back to two options #1. PAY DELL or #2. PAY DELL.

I can PROMISE you that I will NEVER HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH DELL again. PERIOD. I am so sick of thier "proprietary" hardware and software. NONE of my friends have a Dell, nor will they ever get one. (That also goes for Alienware because Dell bought them out.)

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I agree with what has been already stated. You can add to that...

that when you finally do get a hold of somebody, all they try to do is sell, SELL, SELL!!. Sell you warranties, sell you "expert" tech help (so what does that make there regular "tech" helpers?), sell you parts and or upgrades, sell you a "buyback" program (that doesn't work actually, you end up paying almost as much anyway if you include the cost of the buyback program, S&H, etc.), try to up sell the sale, up sell the customer support (so if you are in N. America you can get N. American support staff) WHAT THE ???

You have to BUY CUSTOMER SUPPORT NOW!?!? try yet again to sell you more parts and/or upgrades. (When they can't sell they try to beg/*** you out of money/donations, help others who are less fortunate, donate! help the planet!!

We'll plant trees!!)


DELL is now officially a JOKE and I will NEVER BUY ANYTHING FROM THEM AGAIN!!

(Goes for ALIENWARE too since DELL owns them. Goes to show what a hostile takeover does to your product line.)


Well, duh, maybe you are missing the point.

Neon clearly stated that he did not need a recovery cd, but a resource disc. I have owned Dell's computers in the past (but never again for the reasons stated here) and what was stated is true. If you have to completely reinstall the OS, you need the second disc.

Neon is paying the price for buying a Dell, not because he/she didn't know how to create a recovery disc.


They DO come with a little piece of paper that says "STOP; Please follow directions for creating recovery DVDs" and you ignored that. Now you are paying the price.


Dell has the worst customer service and support of any technology company I know of.. Compare their 3rd world support with the first class service apple delivers. I will never by from dell again they are a company that does not know the meaning of customer support


Most PC manufacturers do not ship recovery discs with their systems as the discs can be made by the end user.

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