I called Dell Support / "DELL on Call" to fix a problem with my computer and they forwarded my call to IYOGI corporation without telling me. IYOGI corporation representing their company as DELL said they could fix my computer and for $299 they would give me unlimited support for 2 years.

Well, keep in mind I believe I am paying for "DELL on CALL" or "Dell Supoport". Well, after paying for an UNSECURE credit card transaction and talking via phone with the representative who suggested I should just un-install my software and re-install, I realized this cant be DELL.

I immediately called my credit card company & IYOGI had double billed me $299 for a total of $600. I then called Dell and they said they would take care of my computer and the situation if I just paid $239 to reactivate my "DELL on Call" service. So, I paid the $239 and the computer expert after 4 hours could not fix my computer and said someone will call me in the morning... And never fixed the billing issues with IYOGI. After spending another 3 hours on the phone with IYOGI, I can see that my Visa company will need to fight the "DOUBLE BILLED" Charges with IYOGI. I can also see that DELL is not a "24/7 Operation". INDIA apparently sleeps during the day and only works nights.

When all said and done. DELL is a no good company and barely better than the SCAM they are willfully running with IYOGI. DELL computers were never that great, but their support was. NOT ANYMORE!!!! DO NOT BUY A DELL OR Call for support!!! YOU WILL be SCAMMED by IYOGI & DELL Computer.

If we ran scams like this in America, we would go to jail. In India, there is no need for business, ethics, laws, etc... That's obvious!

If someone barely speaking english stole your money on a credit card in America, they would be screwed!

So, just another reason why we should bring small business back to America. Let the college kid who knows nothing un-install & re-install your software. That is all DELL will do and they will send you to a scam artist IYOGI, even before attempting to help you for ANOTHER $239.

Best of luck DELL... Anyone can sell a product.... Rip someone off and stand behind nothing!

Oh, and IYOGI.. Get a descent phone system atleast and maybe try Rosetta Stone for ENGLISH. Hope your company follows DELL. Outsource your jobs.


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Bought a Dell 1355cn printer. It would not install. Called Dell support and rather than Dell support I ended up with IYogi.

I was told my registry was corrupted and had to be cleaned. Paid $199.99 for Iyogi services.

I think is was taken.

Thanks Dell. Neither I nor my business will buy any more Dell products.


i hve been using iyogi's services for last 3 yr n m very hay with d services dat these guys provide..u guys might not be able to afford d price...good work iyogi..good karma

to joe samuel #658421

I am not sure if I was hay with the services, but I definitely wasn't happy. Bad job iyogi, you would be sued if in the U.S. Bad Karma on them.

to joe samuel Cedar Rapids, Iowa, United States #700446

Joe Samuel, nice fake name!your english likely means you are A iyogi scammer that failed roestta stone.

Most Americans are NOT *** like you think.iyogi is truely a scam DO NOT FALL FOR IT!


:( I called dell support and got Iyogi I just got my computer and it looked like it was used or something they checked and said no it was new then they told me to activate my McAfee and I told them no as I had gotten a year free yr of Kasprsky from Costco they told me is would not work unless I uninstalled McAfee but I would need theri help to remove it all and if i did not do it my Kaspersky would not work and it would cost $169 to remove it or I coild pay $225 for free support for 2 yrs.I told them no and hung up and unistalled their remote login on my computer. Now they call me cell trying to sell me a year of McAfee!


Last spring my daughter (a recent college grad)picked up a virus on her Dell laptop.She called Dell support and was tranferred to Iyogi.

They wanted $169 but tried to high-pressure her into a 'guaranteed' fix for $100 more. She opted for the $169. After a couple hours on the phone her machine was fixed, but the same virus reappeared a week or so later. After seeking local help the virus is gone and no problems since.

However, we now get repeated phone calls from Indians (with names like Jack and George) claiming to be from Iyogi/Dell and saying they are receiving reports that our computer has problems.

They ask me to go turn it on and they will assist in getting it fixed. HA! Tell me this isn't a scam.

While I have had good luck with Dell computers both at home and at work from a hardware standpoint, I would avoid doing business with anyone that 'partners' with Iyogi for software support.Maybe Iyogi itself is legit, but if so there are internal employees abusing customer information.


They keep calling, this time saying they want to offer a full refund and just need to take control of my computer (again) so they can download the refund paperwork...... I'd expect a better SCAM these days......The unfortunate thing is that this originated from DELL and Best Buy as the recommended computer support!!!! Neither of those companies will be getting my christmas $$$ ever again!!!


After purchasing a M1330 in the end of 2009, battery pretty much died but was still under warranty. So I made a phone call, which was in the end of 2010, to Dell's customer service. However, a guy "somewhere" in the world clearly told me that the battery was NOT covered by warranty and I had to purchase a new one. Fine! I am not interested in a fat bill.

Several days ago, this M1330 completely died, no longer powering on. However, because our warranty is overdue, they even turned down on my request to speak with manager! Every time our conversation would be led to "You have to pay 59 USD for phone support. We don't provide free service." WTF! This laptop cannot power on and you want to do a phone support!? Finally an Indian guy admitted that no phone support can help me with this problem, and it's meaningless to purchase that. Thanks!

Then, it was even ridiculous that I was told that my bad battery was actually under warranty and I could just replace a good one! However, since warranty is expired, no replacement can be provided. WTF! Lying in my face! Although he insisted that every call was recorded in their database, my call in the end of 2010 was not there! Thanks! No evidence can prove that they were lying!

These guys are sooooooo good! They always shifted between different roles. They can be technical support, customer care, customer feedback, order support ... Even if they claimed to be technical support few minutes ago, they can become customer feedback immediately and transfer your call to another guy. Thanks! It was like talking to dolphins.

I quit. I won't buy any Dell's product in this life, and in the next life, and in the next ... Dell definitely sucks!


Me to scam and they are hackers to already seeing glitches do not trust them. I am going to have 399.99 for this bs.


if you call in for a simple problem that can be easily walked through over the phone...they ask you to allow you access to your computer and then download a virus which makes it worse and charge you to repair it.BEWARE BEWARE

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