I recently ordered and received a dell computer in which the video card was defective upon receipt of the unit. After 4 hours on the phone with Tech Support purchasing new cables and hooking up several monitors (that worked on other systems), they concluded that the video card was indeed defective.

They issued an exchange order for replacement of the system and sent me a brand new ink cartridge rather than a new computer. Please.......I beg you, do not buy a Dell computer unless you want to gamble. The customer service is the worst I have ever seen.

I have been cut off on the phone no less than six times now. And I still haven't lost my temper!

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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:( THIS IS RIDICULOUS!!! Not cool what you have to go through just to talk to the right person, LET ALONE a Manager!!

No one understands what im saying, they disconnect and throw you in this horrible loop that is nearly impossible to get out of and when you do finally get to talk to someone, they beat around the bush!! This is the worst customer service ive ever experienced..not to mention not one of them speaks English!

Not even the Manager!! :(


How many times their website support is so slow half the time the scripts don't even work even with my state of the art high speed cable network. Every site works lightining fast but Dell.

They made the mistake of giving me a pop up customer service survey, F thank you.

Same experience with the India thing too, I service other people's computers and Dell always sucks for any level of support no matter how basic, takes hours!!! Don't buy DELL


I spent and hour today talking to Dell Customer service in India (he didn't try to hide that fact) but the whole time he was shouting "hello, hello... this is a bad connection".

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out a cell connection might be tricky from Oregon to India, and who has land lines anymore anyway? The suspicious thing was that he was able to hear me just fine while I was explaining the problem, then switched into the "hello, hello" mode when it came time to help.

Sucks to be out a laptop with no recourse after just a few months. Dell sucks, and I used to be a fan.


I bought an XPS gaming system from Dell and it's the worst thing I ever did. The hardware is incompatible and I get the BSOD all the time, finally they agreed to replace the unit with an Alienware for which I waited to receive it and found out they shipped it to Florida (I live in MO). Stay away from Dell, the absolute worst customer service ever!

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