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I purchased a laptop computer from DELL. Some extra finances came up shortly after that, so I sent the computer back to stop payments.

However, I was still billed for the computer and had to finish paying it off! When THEY have the computer! I payed off a computer that I don't even have. TALK ABOUT A RIPOFF!!!!

I recommend using another company that cares and works with their consumers. They led me to beleive that the payments would cease if the computer was sent back. They lied and took advantage of the situation. I finished college without a computer that I really needed.

So thanks for nothing DELL!

Product or Service Mentioned: Dell Laptop.

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That makes no sense at all. I have had good experiences and bad experiences with Dell, but there is now way that you had to pay something off that you returned. I could see there being a restocking fee that you had to finish paying off, but whenever you send something back, they credit you the amount.

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