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Purchased a brand new XPS 17 laptop with all the bells and whistles, spent over $1400 to get top of the line graphics card, sound card, processor, RAM, screen etc. specifically for gaming. I cannot even play 8 year old games on full settings without a degradation in graphics performance (jagged edges, low frame rate, incorrect rendering of shadows and lighting). Customer service initially did the remote desktop diagnostic which did nothing but waste my time. A technician was sent to my house to replace the motherboard and graphics card thinking it was a hardware issue causing the problems. The internals were replaced and yet the issues persisted.

I called customer support and attempted to return my computer, but was met with the line "we don't return anything past 21 days from purchase." Keep in mind this is 21 days from purchase... not receipt of your computer. It took 9 days for my laptop to arrive so automatically I only had 12 days to return the computer if I so desired which was far longer than the amount of time it took to dispatch a technician to my house. I told them that they computer has non-fixable problems and I would like to return it as it does not do what I bought it to do. They would not return my computer instead offering me a replacement (with the exact same specs that didn't work before). I ended up selling my replacement on craigslist just so I could get my money back.

I WILL NEVER buy any product from Dell ever again, and I will enthusiastically persuade everyone I come in contact with to do the same. Horrible computer, horrible customer service. Will never waste my time or money with anything Dell ever again.

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I hate Dell too

I'm using my Inspiron 1420 right now.

When I got it in 2008, seemed like a nice PC. But 1 month after warranty expired, there was a problem with the graphics hardware, was very expensive to fix.

And just recently, I learned that thousands of others with the same graphics card (NVIDIA GeForce 8400M GS) had the same problem as I did - a manufacturing defect in 8400M gs cards produced in 2008.

I feel cheated having to pay for that repair 2 years ago. I'll never buy from Dell or get any products with nVidia graphics cards.

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