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I ordered my Dell Inspiron 1525 notebook on the 1st of September, with the expected estimated arrival date of September 23. Although I wasn’t thrilled with waiting a couple days for the computer to arrive, I agreed, under the impression that it would be delivered within that reasonable time frame.

I ordered the laptop for school and work, in addition to moving at the end of November, so this was a time sensitive order. I was notified the 21st of September (the day the laptop was supposed to ship) that the laptop’s shipment date would be postponed to the 21st of October, an entire month. I called Dell customer service and after explaining that I needed the laptop as soon as possible, was told that in efforts to make me happy they would be willing to give me a $25 gift certificate. I was told that the delay was caused by Hurricane Ike and some parts wouldn’t be available until a later time.

Upon the 21st of October I was called and told that my laptop would be postponed yet again, for another month and would maybe ship to me on the 21st of November. Of course I will be in the process of moving, if not already moved, by that time. I called Dell, inquiring as to why it was postponed again. I was told that there were unforeseen circumstances.

When I pressed as to why exactly, at this time Dell customer service told me they would transfer me, because they could only tell me was that it would be shipped November 21st. I was then hung up on. I called back, asking to speak to a supervisor and told that there was not one available. I asked to be placed on hold until one was.

They refused and demanded I call back. I asked if they could call me back when the manager was available, Dell told me no. I told Dell I didn’t mind waiting for a supervisor or a manager. I was told it would take 45 minutes for someone to be available, I told them I didn’t mind.

After convincing them to put me on hold, someone was available to speak with me within 5 minutes. The supervisor notified me that the color I had chosen for the laptop (Blossom) was unavailable. I asked why then, was I able to order it. She didn’t have an answer for me.

I asked why I wasn’t told that the first time they postponed my order; she didn’t have an answer for me. I requested a discount (because I spent $25 on the blossom design, that now I wouldn’t have) she denied that. I asked for expedited shipping, and was denied. I asked to change the address for my shipment, and was denied.

She then promptly tried to transfer me to someone else. I was on hold for twenty minutes before I hung up and called back. I spoke to a man who apparently heard I was calling for information and although I asked to speak directly to a manager, he refused and hung up on me, stating that it was “his right” to hang up on me if he wanted to. I called back, now highly agitated and spoke to a person who refused any discounts, refused to change my address information and strongly suggested that I cancel my order.

Let me make myself clear, Dell has already taken my money, the laptop is paid for. The shipment date would be more than 60 days from the time that I ordered the laptop. The $25 gift certificate was only available online and only available on non-discounted prices, and I had to pay shipping and taxes. Dell, in the end, got more money out of me.

I only agreed not to cancel the order and accept the gift certificate as long as the laptop was delivered in October. This was not the case. If Blossom pattern was not available, I should have been notified. I should have been waiting for information and given updates at the last minute.

I should not be hung up on. I should not have been given attitude for a mistake that Dell committed. It’s rude, inconsiderate and a mark on the company. I only want what I paid for.

I will not be suggesting Dell to any friends or family members.

I am highly disgusted.

Product or Service Mentioned: Dell Laptop.

Monetary Loss: $700.

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