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When I called the Dell support line I explained my software problem. My computer is out of warranty and I agreed to pay $49 for support.

Then when they switch me to the technical support dweeb, he says that I was charged for a hardware support service call, and he would have to charge me again for a software support service call. I hung up and called back to demand a refund. After being on hold for 45 minutes (talking to 3 different dweebs during that time who kept transferring me to others), the final dweeb said that it was a non-refundable fee and he was technical support, not customer service. Oh, and customer service was closed by then.

Between my experience with Dell and Windows, I'm probably buying a Mac next time.

Review about: Dell Technical Support.

Monetary Loss: $49.

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I bought my first Mac a year ago, you will love it.

Adamantina, Sao Paulo, Brazil #34702

When I take my car for an oil change, I don't expect them to charge me for a tire rotation that they don't do and then tell me that THAT charge is non-refundable. Update: after another hour with them on the phone, they said they would refund my unwanted and unnecessary hardware charge in 3 or 4 days.


Your system was out of warranty, do you take your car to a mechanic and expect him to fix it for you without paying for it? This is the same thing you are trying to do here. Either educated yourself or pay someone to help you, 49 bucks sounds alot less than a new mac for probably 1500

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