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On 1/22/08 five unauthorized charges were made to my credit card. One of these was by Dell Computer. My only recourse now is to sue Dell because the are TOTALLY unresponsive to repeated questions about this charge.

The ONLY humans I can reach to talk to are in a call center somewhere on the Indian subcontinent, and they claim they can give me no information. I have left my contact information three times for their (supposed) fraud dept. to call be back. Two months, still waiting. The bank which issued the credit card has also been unable to obtain any information from Dell.

My advise is....

Buyer beware, Dell doesn't care!

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I have a similar situation and Dell Financial Services asked for my social security number. Other Dell numbers I called say they never ask for the social security number.


I was cheated by Dell Financial Services for a part (Laptop Battery) that I ordered in May 2008. The customer service representative asked me to switch over to the Dell Financial Services asked me to open up a credit account to get a better deal.

However, I did not receive the product and was charged for it. Also, I got a letter from Dell stating that I have a problem in my account for which the services have been declined. The Dell debt collection department kept on harassing me to pay back the money owned without spending time with me with respect to find out why I didn't receive the part. They kept on calling me with black calls from India.

Finally, I decided to pay back the amount owned along with the penalty to get rid of Dell. I have been quite surprised to know that I am not unique here.

NY state has filled a case against Dell for cheating customers by not providing them the promised services. I will not buy a product from this company any more.

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