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Expect no shows from Dell service warranty techs. And hard to understand customer service reps. That are obviously in another country or from one.

I called Dell to let them know our Alienware Aurora was getting hot. I told them we're pretty sure it's a fan not working. They said they'd call me back to schedule a service appointment. I explained to them that the number they currently have is my husbands cell in Seattle and they would need to call me directly & I gave them my cell # here in Wichita Ks. They called back about 3 days later (to my husbands phone in Seattle),Red flag, I noticed right then and there that they didn't listen to anything I told them from the get go. Anyway, they called him in Seattle 3 days later and left a message on his cell, he then called me and said they've set an appointment for Tuesday 8th Nov. from 1:30 to 5:30. They said you would need to wait starting from 1:30 until 5:30 we can't give you an exact time that we'll be there.

Monday: I called them to confirm and to make sure they had MY number & not my husbands just in case they needed to reschedule. They said we got it and we'll be there.

Tuesday: Again, I called them around 1:30 to make sure they were coming, the lady said I'll let the tech know you've called please expect a return call soon. Of course I never received a return call, so around 2:30 I called again and asked if they knew if he was going to still be able to make it, I was told the same thing. (we'll call him and he'll call you)Once again they recited my husbands phone number to me, I said I've told them several time to call my number and I've given it to them several times. I once again gave them my number and I sat here for 4 hrs. with nobody ever calling me and no one ever bother to show up at all.

After waiting for several hours I called them a 3rd time around 5:40pm & said they never showed up or even called to say we need to reschedule. They acted like they had no clue why no one showed or even called. They said we don't know what to tell you , we can offer you another appointment . I said what so I can sit her for several hours waiting for someone to NEVER ever show up? They said well we can do that or nothing and once again they said we can't guarantee a time frame , you will have to wait from 1:30 to 5:30 again and hope someone shows up. Which is pure BS, if they missed a scheduled appointment with a customer one day they could at least make that customer a priority the next day. Not pull the same old BS.

I've bought several dell pcs and alienware over the past 10 yrs but will probably start looking for other options.

Anyone needing a warranty repair be prepared to be blown off. We've been without our pc for 4 days now , tomorrow will be the 5th day and most likely not the last since they don't show or even bother to call. A lot of people have to *** work or re-arrange their schedules in order to meet Dells time frame and they don't give you an exact time, they don't call to say hey we might not be there, and like today they didn't bother to show up at all. Very poor customer service. Anyone expecting any better from them is in for a big surprise. My warranty is up next month, I almost have to wonder to myself if they're putting me off on purpose so they can wiggle out of the warranty obligations. Signed still waiting. Nov. 08,2011

Monetary Loss: $1700.

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I had the same problem. I took the day off to wait for the Tech and he didn't show.

Call and arranged another appointment and another no-show.

Out of frustration, I bought another laptop.Call Dell to forget the whole thing and received a bill a month later charging for the home call and for canceling the appointment without 48 hrs notice! what a bunch of B.S.!!!!!!


I believe they are putting people off until the warranty expires. My warranty expired 11/10 and today 11/12 my computer stopped working.

I called the 24/7 number and was told that no one was available to help me so I would have to call back on Monday. I too have been a faithful Dell purchaser, and my company usually provides discounts, but going forward I am going to tell everyone at my company - all 230,000 employees via mail blast to be careful of purchasing dell because customer service is non-existent.

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