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Hello - I used to be a Dell loyalist and a fan. 2 years ago, I paid high $$ to purchase a very nicely upgraded XPS M1340 laptop-- on the condition I could upgrade the processor within a year or two since the newer processors were not available yet. First of all - it didn't work when I got it out of the box-- I had to return it - had them repair it within the first 2 weeks- then was able to use it. Lately, the harddrive started to fail (yes, ALREADY, within 2 years) - and so ok- I can exchange that under warranty. So- I thought, while I am at it- why not upgrade the processor to at least a i5 from a simple duo core?

Well-- today- after 1 hr of off again, on again hold--- to INDIA... (which never used to happen with Dell years ago) --- I am told- forget it- this system cannot be upgraded due to proprietary Dell schematics. It is not recommended and I should buy a brand new one.


Dear Michael Dell-- do you no longer stand by your company products and customers? What happened to your great designs and offerings? I have a 2001 tower that I can still swap out parts on and use. I have a 2005 Inspiron series that I revived and updated --- even though sadly a Vista system- it is still working great for net surfing and basic needs. But a super upgraded 8G RAM XPS M1340??? Failing now due to a lack of processing speed for the graphics I would like to do with it-- and this cannot be upgraded anymore??? What???

I feel betrayed-- and I can no longer trust you Mr. Dell. You named the product after yourself-- and what good is your name if your product cannot hold up to your name?

ps: I went to a local Staples and bought a Toshiba with AMD A6 quad --- supposedly - that can be upgraded too- but I will have to see about this. However-- this one worked right out of the box- and it's handling more than the XPS already. Sorry Mr. Dell- but you will have to earn your place with me again.


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at the time I purchased the XPS M1340-- I did a huge amount of research but the model specific upgrades I requested had no such information posted on google or on techie sites. I had no one to speak to but Dell.

I even waited a week to mull over the decision and do more research.

As far as the Toshiba- I did enough research and know the draw backs and for the price-- I got exactly what I needed it for and no more expectations. So it is not a problem and not meant to be a long term. My long term goal is to stick with a personal tech friend who can build me the specific requirements of my choice once I figure out which laptop shell is most desirable (or perhaps even a pad design that is synced to a desktop he can build for me.) --- Believe me- all my previous computer investments were so carefully researched I still have a yr 2000 computer that I have switched out parts to for just net browsing and basics running on XP.

The last DELL laptop...

whatever. They finally managed to trick me, insult and disappoint me---


Another classic case of not doing YOUR homework!! You should of taken the time to at least Google it and you would have seen with yer own eyes that their was no way you could upgrade the cpu!

I just did that (google)on yer laptop model, also found out some other intresting stuff about the dell XPS M1340 laptop. Bet you didn't even research the Toshiba Laptop did ya?


re: 'instant loser'

yes I do realize now- but it was the Dell salesman that told me there would be no issues upgrading later as he made it sound like Dell had control over the CPU and parts---- so I was actually referring to the saleman lying to me when I first purchased the piece of junk. Sad. Any honestly would have been much more appreciated and rewarded with loyalty at least-

thanks for commenting though-


re: izzyj

Just an FYI, it's nothing to do with Dell that the CPU couldn't be upgraded. Going from a "Core 2 Duo" to an "i5" requires a change of motherboard as the cpu sockets are totally different. That's due to the design by Intel and Dell has no control over that.

Not defending Dell, as I don't really care for their products either, but it's worth noting.


I have an older B-130 and it's a great machine, however I got my son a Dell laptop and it's been nothing but trouble, constantly over heating, while under warranty they repaired it but the problem keeps coming back and their response is , it's no longer under warranty. Their product are now *** and I intend to purchase something else and would advise anyone else to not consider Dell.


follow up: Dell's India tech group attempted to phone me a couple more times and wrote an email-- then finally reached me (after I did attempt replies) - AFTER MY WARRANTY EXPIRED. Thus- NO resolution- I still have a faulty computer- and I have expressly told them on their 'followup comments' they have lost a customer for good.

It is no longer in my best interest to waste my time or money with these items. I am happier with the new computer.

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