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Looking forward to being a new Dell customer after discovery of a Black Friday deal on the Inspiron 14z for $299, I stayed up late for the sale start time, waded through a bogged down web site, and made the purchase. The chat salesman said the only color left was black.

Email confirmed estimated delivery 11-28-12. A follow up email 3 days later pushed back delivery date to 12-3-12. That's O.K. I'll still get the item in time for my daughter's Christmas gift!

Not! Later the same day I get an email informing me the laptop is unavailable and a subtitution is being made with an "upgrade" to the Inspiron 15. What? The Inspiron 15 is clearly a sub-standard machine compared to the 14z.

The reviews of the Inspiron 15 are horrid. The base price of the 14z is $599. The base price of the 15 is $399. Again I say, "Upgrade?" I agree the screen is larger, but for my daughter's application the thin Ultrabook was necessary.

A call to support led to 35 minutes of wait time. I calmly voiced my concern and dissatisfaction with the swap and was transferred to a customer service line which abruptly cut off at 9pm, leaving me to attempt again the next day. I put forth another effort the next day, asking for someone in a supervisory capacity. It should be noted that I'm obviously speaking with support in another country, which is alright, but it's frustrating because I'm in Texas with Dell!

The explanation that I got was that they ran out of the advertised 14z which had a 2nd generation processor and all they have now are 14z's with 3rd generation processors. Is it just me or does it seem that the true "upgrade" would have been substituting the improved processor? I was given the "option" of the Inspiron 15 or cancel.

Feeling helpless and frustrated, I will inform all my contacts of my experience and I will not even entertain the idea of purchasing a Dell product. That is unfortunate since Dell is going to give me a coupon toward my next purchase.

So they say. Yea, right.

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San Antonio, Texas, United States #579732

Guys, don't even deal with Dell on this one, they are worthless liars. Bottom reps have no idea what's going on and keep sending calls to each other. Just accept your cancel and go to newegg they are 39.99 for the year as of 12/8/12.

to San Antonio, Texas, United States #579733

Sorry original poster didn't mean to hijack thread just adding on a few more details about the same delays with their other products.


EXACT same thing has happened to me with the 3 month Xbox Live subscription codes. Except so far Dell won't respond as to why they canceled my order after I jumped through all their hoops to avoid it.

Shady, slimy bastards. They sure got on top of charging my credit card right away, but couldn't seem to deliver my purchased digital codes by email.

How the *** can "shipment" of a digital code be delayed anyway???

Btw, Newegg has 12 month for $39.99 as of right now. They got me my code within 30 minutes.


I agree with you about dell not honoring their black friday sales. I purchased 4 Xbox Live 3-Month Gold Membership for $9.99ea.

My order was delayed twice. By the third delay they needed my persmission to continue on with order with the new delivery date. Which they did and got confirmation of my new delivery date. Now they went ahead and cancelled my order suppostly due to an order error but they will resubmit my order but for the original price of $24.99ea.

The *** with that.

Not buying from Dell anymore. Stay away.


I had to heard their irritating music for more than 5 hours in total in order to chat with the customer representative. The manager of order department, Jerry, ID 213781, told me that the Inspiron 14z was discontinued.

They don't make it anymore.

So they knew this " oversold" would happen at first place. Now I really doubt anyone get the 14z.


I agree. Dell is scamming you and everyone else to whom they wish to substitute with really, an inferior machine to the one advertised.

Dell is having some serious financial problems and this morning I heard they may be taken over by another company. Best to stay away from Dell until at least, the dust clears.

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