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I purchased a 2yr warrenty from Dell when i bought my laptop ,my battery died 2 weeks before the warrenty runs out , this feb 16/09.They say the warrenty does not cover it for the term of my warrenty, ONLY 1yr on battery!!.They say no way,some of the 1505 computers are being recalled!! for battery problems,I sure have one,they even offer For An EXTRA charge I could talk to some one in the USA not some other foreign country,Plus they switch you from one operator to another one, YESSSS Im Pissed, wouldent you be !! Is this the case with All pc laotops!!z

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@mad dog Why does someone have to be an a-hole just becasue they tell the truth? Are you afraid of facts? Are you some moronic Obama bot? Go sit int he corner and let the big people talk.

Please find me one company that will offer a warranty longer than 6 months for a battery for a laptop. I know you can't becasue they don't exist! Let google be your friend. Obviously it will be your only friend.

@John Truth Doe It tells me you have no idea how to set up a fast secure XP system. Some techie you are. I have on my notebook at home XPSP2 and 4 VMWares runnning. Full boot time is 23 seconds. Can you mAc do that?

My box at work also XPSP2 boot time 31 seconds this morning. Looking at the log right now. You do know what a boottime log is don't you? You do know how to trouble shoot problems on a PC don't you?

Can your mac do something other than present things pretty with a few more bells and whistles?

How about finding a stabil sniffer prog for it? Or maybe a solid network management platform? You can't because no REAL NETWORK technitian worth his *** would be seen dead with that ***.

Oh by the way the HW for a mac is the same as any notebook. Sad but true. SUCK IT!

Oh if you want I can send you about 3500 little gems to destroy your mAc. Like I said same hardware that means same BIOS. Might look mAcy but it's the same ***.


Whats the difference between apple vs pc? whats the difference between mcdonalds and a banquet hall?

whats the difference between saturn and Mercedes benz? simple.. quality.. if you where skydiving would you want the dollar store parachute?

or the american express parachute? so if you never want a pc.. congratulations you just upgraded! i got a mac for the first time..

and i will never own a pc again! and I mean "never!" its the rolls royce of computing! 0 viruses.. 0 blue screens..

0 freezing.. its perfect!! its a miracle if you ask me! and i have over 18 years computer experience as a computer technician!

a mac can even run windows xp in boot camp and it runs xp faster then a pc does!

what does that tell you? :)

Masterton, Wellington, New Zealand #51905

Bob is an a-hole Dell has a problem with the batterys for there laptops and refuse to do anything about it, it would cost a fortune to handle the problem and with economy the way it is it will be a cold day in *** before they will admit a problem. Go to there own webpage and type in battery and see how many complaints they have, my battery went bad after 1 yr 5 months after seeing dell site I was glad I got that long out of it


Computer warranties rarely cover batteries. Learn to read.

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