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I have never had to deal with such horrible customer service in my life. After making a PC purchase (our 3rd PC purchase from Dell) we were told it would get here on our before the shipping date. A week later they email us letting us know it will take at least another additional week. Fine, cancel the order and used this as the time to re-evaluate our order and even upgraded the next PC we ordered. When my husband came home and saw the out of date hardware the sales dept. sold us as the best gaming system he immediately called Dell himself and canceled that order. My husband then said just order the parts and we'll have it built.

We did just that, ordered the parts on their site, confirmed the order to be charged to our Dell card and the balance of $40 to be charged on our credit card. Awesome!! Nope! Get a mail the next day saying our card didn't go through. Called customer service and after giving them our name, customer ID, etc etc they transferred us to someone who could help us, giving them our name, customer ID, they then transferred us... oooh oppps no, they dropped the call. Start over, repeat. Each of these encounters with a new CSR were taxing as most of them could not understand us and we could not understand them. Finally, in tears I reached a supervisor after repeatedly calling them asking for one, get hung up on, call back, repeat. We're talking about 2 weeks on and off dealing with Dell and for HOURS a day. They had charged the entire order to my debit card instead of the Dell acct.

They canceled the hardware order that was charged to our card and re-ordered the items directly from the first order. I go and double check it and sure enough they forgot a graphics card on the reorder, but they didn't forget to charge us shipping on the re-order even though the items we originally ordered came with free shipping. While being transferred to order the 2 monitors to go with our system the call was dropped again. When we finally got back in touch with them after going through the rinse repeat cycle outlined above, we were then charged $30 per monitor extra plus shipping, which I believe was finally argued and agreed that it would be charged as the original order had been charged for the same merchandise.

I have and could continue to go on and on about how horrible it has been to deal with Dell. Instead I will stop here and say, believe me, save yourself the headache, your checkbook, and SPEND elsewhere!

Review about: Dell Shipping Service.

Monetary Loss: $2000.

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I had a terrible experience with them as well when I was in college a few years ago. I ordered a Dell and immediately had problems. It froze up constantly and the smug folks in their "Customer Service" department (in India) were no help. I am fairly computer savvy, but I made sure to only take the actions they directly instructed me to take in order to stay within my warranty. I contacted them multiple times with no progress and much frustration. After a step by step conversation with an incompetent woman in India, my Dell went from booting up but freezing to unable to load Windows at all without freezing. Her instructions actually made the problem worse.

Oddly enough, after EVERY CALL the next customer service employee said they had my problem listed in the system as resolved!!! I NEVER had my problem resolved at all. However, they just kept putting it in the system as if they fixed everything!!!

At the time, they were offering free computer repairs while under warranty. After the run around, they did send someone to look at my PC. At first I was grateful because most companies would not do such a thing, but after meeting the "gentleman" I knew I was in trouble. He came to my dorm and installed a new hard drive. His accent was very thick and difficult to understand. I have no idea who they contracted this man through, but he was ungroomed and a bit creepy. So he installed a new hard drive, told me to push any button when it finished the installation process and left before the computer finished loading up what it needed to load. Soon after he left, it froze up again! It didn't even finish installing anything! And, no, I did not touch anything.

At this point I gave up. I only had so many days left in which I could return the lemon for a full refund. So I called customer service about returning it multiple times until I reached a competent man on the other end (also the only American I encountered). He continuously tried to convince me to keep it and accept further customer service. I realize this is part of his training, but I was far beyond that point. If I kept it much longer, I would never be able to return it. I had 100% lost patience with their company and was not interested in waiting around to see if they would fix the problem after I ran out of time to return it.

The man finally gave me the information I needed and assured me that my shipping charges for the return would be refunded because the product was defective. So I shipped it back and was refunded, but only for the computer, not the $100+ for the insured shipping required. I waited patiently for the refund check the man promised, but it never came. Finally, I called and demanded my money back as promised. They behaved as if I was a *** and mentioned that I hadn't requested a check...what!?! First of all, yes, I did. And, they should have sent me postage paid labels in the first place instead of having me pay out of pocket and wait for a refund.

This wasn't a computer that simply failed to meet expectations, this was a defective item. The customer should NEVER be held financially responsible in any way for a defective item. Also, every time I called customer service I waited on hold for far too long.

That said, it has been a few years since I purchased the lemon. It is possible that the company could have improved since then. I hope they have, but they lost my business forever.

After I returned their giant paperweight of a PC, I went to Staples and bought an HP that had better stats for about the same price. It has been a sturdy workhorse and I have nothing but praise for HP. Since then, my mother, my mother-in-law and my husband have purchased HPs with excellent luck. Dell lost a customer forever and HP has gained four. I've told others my story and I'm sure Dell has lost potential customers as a result.


How do I get pass customer service and talk to someone in the United States. All I ever get is someone from India


Dude, you bought a Dell!!! and all the flipping head achs too, sorry for that problem, but I agree Dell sucks!

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