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Never thought I'd actually be pissed enough to write an online complaint - but here goes. I purchased a Dell Alienware for about 2,000 over the summer.

Product took a long time to arrive - but it got here, no big deal. Seemed to work fine, until about 3-4 months in when the pc started running slower than usualy. Had Webroot A/V software installed, and several family members proficient in computer knowledge. Had to do a system format, reinstall, etc etc.

Dell gives you no real hard copies of the software you puchase with the PC - by the way. So installing Microsoft Office, and the drives, was a pain in the *** (they give you a driver disc, but the drivers are outdated - by years). Installing office was the ugly part - so I called customer service. Got female rep, who was half brain dead, and advised me that since i reinstalled windows myself, that it voided the warranty.

She advised that I would need to purchase $100 software support via telephoen to get help with reinstallation of microsoft word - ummmm last i checked i paid 2 thousand for your crappy *** pc, and you want more? So i asked to speak with the manager - named Juan from Central America. He, again, was worthless, and gave me no outs. He was very calm, so I give him credit for that - because I became upset after they wanted to milk another note out of me before they would do anything.

I advised him I would never buy another Dell again, and mention to everyone I knew, and the interwebs, to not purchase a Dell/Alienware computer. I asked him what my alternative was, he said none. Dead end. Last I heard the company is on its way to bankruptcy - so this might have a little something to do with the quality of customer service.

Worst customer service experience of my life. I've come to realize that investing that much money in a PC is a waste.

Live and learn, but if you're considering purchasing a Dell - I'd advise against it. Go to, and build one yourself - you'll save tons of $$$$$$$, and only have yourself to blame if you screw it up!

Monetary Loss: $2000.

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