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Called Dell off of a promotion I received in the mail only to be told it had expired - okay. The lady on the phone said she would sell me the exact package (dual Monitor) but it will cost $100 more because it's not a promotion - no problem.

A week later I get the desktop only to find out it's NOT capable of dual monitor. Called customer care, AGAIN, and spent almost 75 min. (not kidding...)on the phone being bounced from one person to another. Finally, they admitted this was a sales error and promised to send me a video card to resolve the issue.

I gratefully accepted. two weeks later, no video card. Called customer service again. this time, after two hours of repeating myself to 4 different people, I was told I needed to talk the lady who sold me the computer.

She completely denied selling a dual monitor computer, and after an exchange, hung up on me...I could not believe I had been dumped by a CUSTOMER SERVICE representative. Called back again and got a whole bunch more running around and still trying to resolve this. What happened to this once a great American company?? Where did they go wrong??

I'm okay with talking to folks in India, even though I had a hard time understanding them, I'm just tired of being jacked up by incompetent people that work for the company.

Review about: Dell Customer Care.

Monetary Loss: $900.

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