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I paid an arm and a leg for one of Dell's supposed best in 2005. My XPS motherboard had multiple burnt out capacitors which caused catastrophic failure.

The row of capacitors along tyhe graphics card area all showed browning, soft top damage. The heat coming from them was tremendous. The Dell Reps were unresponsive and all said the computer was out of warranty. This was my third Dell PC.

Needless to say it will be my last.

I have since purchased a competing brand. What is Dell's problem that they could not own up to faulty product installation?

Review about: Dell Warranty.

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Wait your box over heated AND you think Dell should pay to fix a PC that out of warranty? Dude what have you been smoking?

How about you clean yer PC now and then? If it suddenly gets real loud o real quiet the cooling fan might be broke.


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