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I purchased an expensive DELL XPS 1730 laptop three years ago. I purposely crammed it full of the latest processor, memory, video card, you name it, as I wanted it to last a bit before transitioning again.

I have always used Cloned computers in both Desktop and Laptops and decided to try DELL as a change up. Based on their advertising on support and such. I didnt purchase an extended warranty as most people will tell you is bogus. Plus I figured if it had a problem it would be in the first year.

I financed the purchase through their own finance spinoff, and was one happy camper the day it arrived. I paid every month and never had an issue. TWO DAYS after the warranty expired, the unit wouldnt power up one morning. After going through the motions, I called support and what a bad dream that was.

First they said the unit was out of warranty and they could not touch it. I asked about what my options were and they said I could send it in with 500.00 to repair. Then they offered upgraded memory and such for a broken machine! I was livid.

Long story short, it still sits here broken, they wont respond with nothing, and I am at odds with their spinoff finance company. They can *** sure get a bill to you though. DO NOT EVER BUY FROM THIS COMPANY EVER. They are worthless, insulated and too big to achieve customer satisfaction.

I also am a consultant and now am spreading the antiDell message to my government and private sector clients.

Worse mistake they could ever make. Beware!

Review about: Dell Desktop Computer.

Monetary Loss: $2500.

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Oh, one more thing:

"I have always used Cloned computers in both Desktop and Laptops and decided to try DELL as a change up."

Hahaha, do you even have any idea... If you expect a manufacturer like Dell to not use cheap 'cloned' parts everywhere they possibly can you really ought to just set light to the money next time and save yourself some trouble.


Agree with the above, frankly.

The warranty expired - anything else is just a tantrum. Additionally, buying a laptop (notorious for being underpowered and unfriendly to future proofing and expansion) for so much money and expecting it to stay current for more than three years is simply naive. If you're an enthusiast who demands high laptop performance, you pay the price to stay current. If not, get a desktop or get over it.

Thanks for playing!


I am not sure what your complaint is. Your machine died after the warranty expired.

Dell will not fix it for free as the warranty has expired. What's wrong with that? What if the machine had died one month after warranty expiration? Would you have expected Dell to fix it for free?

What if it had died 1 year after expiration? A one year warranty is only good for one year.

Period. Grow up, leave your parents home for an apartment of your own and take some responsibility for a change.

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