I have 4 Dell products at home 2 desktops 1 laptop and 1 printer for my laptop, I brought the just released 1530 xps from Dell but after my warranty went out for that first year the next day after my warranty dies, my laptop dies so yes I know you gotta have a warranty and I can't fault Dell for it but it was just to suspicious that my computer gets a virus right after my warranty is up. Call it what you will call it but that *** then on top of that I finally get a friend to get my computer back up and running virus protected and everything but only months later does the computer then get a boot manager hardware problem so with alittle money on my side I decide to call Dell and give them the chance to repair the laptop and talk to a female operator then her male supervisor to confirm that if I pay the $ I will indeed get my computer up and running.

I didn't want a diagnostics done I plain and simply wanted my computer on after the trouble I've already been through with this computer and so the operator and supervisor both tell me if Dell doesn't fix the computer with this call that I will be refunded my money so I pay the fee and talk to a tech they go through the steps that I've already explain to them that I did but they go on and diagnosed the computer as an hardware issue but they do not fix the issue in getting my computer back up and running so I rightfully ask for my refund which I was told I would get if they can not fix my computer however this tech says this service isn't refunded and I will not get my money back. Pissed off as I was I speak to several supervisor all supporting the claim that the service is non refundable so I ask them why wait till after I pay my money to tell me the service is non refundable?? Why is it not 1 but 2 reps confirm that this service is refundable before the payment?? Why is Dell able to lie and no one does nothing??

Why is Dell able to steal my money ??? So I made a BBb report and I will sue Dell over this because they can't tell you one thing before you pay then turn around and tell you another thing after they done pocketed your cash. That's thievery, highway robbery and I will take this complaint to my grave.

Dell will know my name so if you don't want to be robbed do not even try doing business with Dell. After thousands of dollars wasted on them you would think they value me as a customer and try to atleast fix this issue but so far they have not and that hurts, hard earn cash down the drain

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