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Dell sold us "next business day service" but failed to deliver and has been hiding behind well-scripted and meaningless apologies but no restitution.

Beware. I would NEVER buy another Dell based on the way they treated us.

We also have Apple computers and have had nothing but stellar service from them. No more Dell's in this house, nor my husband's business, nor in the hotel I manager. We were getting ready to buy 28 new computers in January and you can be sure they will NOT be Dell computers.

They showed up with a packing list that said they had a power supply, but it was a hard drive, left and promised to come back with the power supply the next day, which should have been 5 days ago. This weekend we found out that they are out of stock and won't even know for 2 more days WHEN they will have a power supply for our computer.

Totally worthless.

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