In Aug 2019 I purchased a Dell XPS 3890 with 32GB RAM. I did so by talking to a Dell sales representative on the phone.

In doing so, I conveyed that I will eventually upgrade the machine to 64GB RAM and that the machine needed to allow for this.

What was delivered was a 32GB RAM machine with the only way to upgrade to 64GB of RAM by throwing out the 32GB RAM Dell had sold me and purchasing a separate set of 64GB RAM. In essence, Dell is trying to charge me for 96GB of RAM in order to have a machine that has 64GB RAM.

As a consumer, I have no choice in how the Dell XPS 3890 is configured except to indicate the total RAM I currently want, and to convey that I need a path to 64GB RAM that only includes the purchase of 32GB of additional RAM. It is Dells choice to configure the 32GB of RAM in such a way that does or does not allow for the addition of 32GB of RAM to result in an XPS 3890 with 64GB total RAM.


(a)Knowingly configured an XPS 3890 with no upgrade path except to buy an additional 64GB of RAM and discard the 32GB RAM already purchased, and

(b)Was informed by the consumer of his intention to eventually upgrade to 64GB RAM by adding an additional 32GB in the future, and

(c)Sold this XPS 3890 to me (the consumer) without any disclosure of needing to purchase 64GB of RAM to upgrade to 64GB of RAM, thus misleading the consumer in his purchase.

(d)Provided a receipt that indicates 32GB DDR4 at 2666MHz; up to 64GB (Additional memory sold separately). This receipt reinforces that to expand the RAM of this Dell XPS 3890, consumers need only buy additional memory.

This Dell XPS 3890 is configured with 4 slots each with a maximum of 16GB RAM.

To produce this machine with 32GB of RAM, each of the 4 slots was filled with non expandible 8GB of RAM. In order to upgrade this machine to 64GB of RAM, each slot must be replaced with 16GB of RAM. Currently, Dell charges $199.99 for a single 16GB RAM card.

As such, Dell wants to charge $800 to upgrade the machine to 64GB RAM, which is twice what it would cost ($400) to purchase 32GB of RAM had the machine been configured in a way that allowed for the addition, not replacement of RAM.


As a consumer, I am expecting

(a)Dell to provide an XPS 3890 with 64GB RAM via the purchase of an four 16GB DDR4 RAM cards as directed by a Dell technical representative on March 16, 2021, for the price of two 16GB DDR RAM cards of same.

If Dell chooses not to take this step, I will

(a)Directly contact VisionTek corporate to explain how Dell, a reseller of their products, is deliberately misleading its customers to increase profit,

(b)Directly contact the Better Business Bureau to file a complaint against Dell, Inc at 1 Dell Way, Round Rock, TX 78682 https://www.bbb.org/us/tx/round-rock/profile/computer-dealers/dell-inc-0825-4****,

(c)Directly contact the credit card company used to purchase this specific Dell XPS 3890 to refute the charge because Dell did not deliver the agreed upon product. Something that could not have been determined until such time as the consumer attempted to purchase additional RAM,

(d)Post to social media outlets the details of the original sale and the communication with Dell since discovering the agreed to upgrade path was deliberately made unavailable by Dell.

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Location: Millington, Michigan

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