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Dell Studio 1558, and possibly XPS laptops are POORLY designed to work in India and have MAJOR heating issues. I decided to make this video public after my efforts to work constructively with Dell India .

0. I request your cooperation in getting following done for free/gratis:

1. Upgrade BIOS to A11 or greater on the laptop using MSDOS WITHOUT disturbing any data on Linux OS as per the recommendation of your Dell colleague Basavaraju.

2. Replace defective keys (TAB) or any other or keyboard.

3. Resolve any battery/power circuitry motherboard issues.

4. Give good recommendations for solving the heating problem (within Rs. 1500 heating pad of a good brand is fine with me)

5. Please coordinate for pickup and delivery of the laptop from MY address to the Dell service center in Domlur, Bangalore,

but received a quotation for new warranty instead!!.

This laptop underwent battery replacement once while under warranty and immediately after the warranty expired started giving heating problems as demonstrated in the Youtube video. Poor battery/charging circuitry issues, Will always prefer Lenovo or better laptops!!

Monetary Loss: $30000.

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