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I have a Dell desktop with warranty & my computer got infected with a virus (popups / spyware) and when I caled Dell tech support, I was asked to pay $129 for virus removal !!! They told me that the warranty I have is only for the hardware of the computer and not for software related issues.

OK, I understand this, but why an exorbitant amount for the virus removal support.

Then, I did a bit of search and got to , they charged ONLY $ 39.00 flat, took remote access of my PC and got all the virus and spyware removed and also gave me another 30 days of free virus removal support. I was extremely happy with the service I got from

So, my question is why does Dell charge such a high amount for virus removal ?

Product or Service Mentioned: Dell Desktop Computer.

Monetary Loss: $129.

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They are THE WORST. I spend 9 hours on the phone with the Dell virus removal people today - a COMPLETE NIGHTMARE.

The first guy was nice, but didn't know what he was doing. After working for a few hours he asked if he could finish the job tomorrow, since he wanted to leave work. I asked for someone else to finish the job; he didn't want to do that so he stayed, but then just disconnected the call a while later and stopped working on the computer. So then I called back and had a new woman who informed me that I had been charged twice.

She was also was unable to remove the virus, but she did try to sell me the 1 year virus troubleshooting multiple times. Hilarious, since they weren't even able to fix my computer the first time. Then she "got disconnected" and did not call back. Then I called, demanded my money back, and was connected with the sales/refunds department, only to be on hold for 30 minutes.

I called from a different line, and a new technician told me that the sales/refunds department was not open on the weekend, which is why I was on hold for so long. Hands down the worst company in the world.

I took my computer to a local computer guy who is charging me $75, and actually doing the job. These Dell people are complete and utter idiots.


20 years plus with Dell, about a half dozen machines and absolutely NO problems. Dell sells computers (hardware) and warrants same.

www:.computergeek247/.com sells virus\spyware protection, not computers. Where was your virus\spyware protection? Didn't you install any security program? Did Dell put the virus\spyware on your computer?

Or, perhaps, you did buy visiting *** or other dangerous sites. Why do you expect Dell to cover problems that were, most likely, not created by them.


That's Dell for you. I wish that I would have gone to Apple.

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