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we needed a new pc and found the dell xps 8940 when we got it was very slow and we thought that was normal for a new pc but here we are 4 months later and its getting slower and slower they also lied about the graphic card and instead put in a much cheaper one to save costs the worst part is the processor every day ill run a simple game or application like discord and it bumps the disk space too 99/98 disk space when nothing else is running it also makes a noise because its that bad it takes 11 minutes too log in and simple things like google lag out another thing is when you play a specific game its works fine but any other game will fail too start up sometimes have a chain reaction of fatal errors

User's recommendation: look for something cheaper it will save you alot of money and will probably work better.

Location: Alliston, Ontario

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They better not! I will sue them if they try that with me!!

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