Elk Grove, California
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March 25 2012

Dear Michael Dell,

I am once again contacting you regarding service tag 128XHS1. Unfortunately what I thought was a solution to a problem now has become a hobby for me.

I have been refused by your representatives to work with someone in the USA. Shannon Lambert responded to me by e-mail inferring that she would serve as a liaison if need be for an acceptable resolution this too has been denied as she refuses to return my calls and respond to emails.

As you know I have been forced to be serviced by Mr. Narayanan in India. I was offered a brand new system but denied the accruing tech fees I have incurred to make me whole.

I specifically asked for a system that would meet the minimum specifications that I originally paid for but was offered an inferior one. I thought that Dell would do the right thing which was to upgrade the hard drive to a 2Tb Raid 0 which would have been an upgrade from the 1.5 Tb raid 0 that I purchased ( as you do not have this drive anymore). Instead I was sent a 2Tb single hard drive which is inferior to the one I purchased.

To make the matter worse I paid to have a tech come out again and on the review of the system it was pointed out to me that I did not receive what I thought I was getting. More disturbing is the fact that it was not a new computer. He took the side panel off to inspect it. What we found and documented with pictures is a testimony of not only how you view your clients, but your inferior quality control and the deception behind it.

1) Screws were lose on the video card support.

2) Dust/caked on dirt was on the video card stabilizer

3) Dust/caked on dirt on the CPU fan

4) Dust/caked on dirt on the side case fan

5) Dust all over the video card

6) Dust all over the mother board panel cover

7) Dust/caked on dirt between front panel and drive bays

To mention a few!

As a new PC purchase this is sub-par in terms of Quality Audit and cleanliness and it is quite obvious that this is in fact was not a new system. This being said I will be working very diligently on letting the public see your business practices and quality control.


Ken Garneau

Monetary Loss: $2300.

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my comment is that if i was a woman or had different preferences in my extracurricular activities i would probably to marry good ol' Ken.

you took the words right out of my mouth. 20 calls to dell i think im going on now, for my 6 month old XPS laptop. for those that don't know, XPS is their premium laptop. premium means their top of the line serious. yea

well mine is broken right now. yeah it broke 2 days after getting it back from dell's fix a screw shop, which is where i had to send it the first 4th time it broke. the first three times, they wouldn'tlet me send it in.. they wanted me to meet someone from my local city and watch him do surgery on my computer. was pretty awesome

unfortunately the surgeon, who by the way forgot the new harddrive that i was supposed to receive with the fix a screw in house surgery, didn't do such a good job.

so those of us who have been there, even ex sales representatives that worked, well i won't say where for privacy reasons of course, know what you're going through. and i bought it at capital of dell in the heart of round rock texas. sheez unbelievable. right where michael dellworks. saw him walk by about 3 times while i worked there. kind of guy you look at and say, now he wants what is best for the nation, not his pocket book. sigh , it was great.

sorry i digress, so again, computer is broken, i get to talk to my totally, completely, 100% inferior (and i'm not a US fanatic nor a nazi nor a whatever, just someone stating what is.. and what is Is that wherever the oursourcing takes place.. i have no idea sounds like mexico or the ukraine, couldn't be anything like the phillipines or india, they're too savvy.. also good at saving money, won't mention deoderant) wait what? wrong window) about the deoderant) technical support who on every single call, takes me step by step by step by step by step through the dumbest protocol that we did probably two days ago for the same problem, which usually takes only about 2 hours.. they are pretty efficient in those soviet ill give 'em that.. they just insist on me purchasing additional stuff. so confusing why they want me to do that. or michael dell, being the humanitarian that he is and all. i loved seeing him arrive in his chauffered bentley that he got over seas in delhi i think it was. he didn't even drive teh car! he added to the employment rate by having someone drive him to work. and he would park in some underground location. ah he is so humble it's unbelievable.

where was i going, sorry i just love seeing other nations get paid two dollars or allas i think they're called.. no duldo's i think it is.. anyways, not sure what they're called but i'm sure it probably translates to the minimum wage here in the states. not translates but i can't think of the word im tired of writing. EXCHANGErate there it is

i mean this ghandi or male mother teresa is killing two birds with one stone. helping india.. no argentina sorry, boost their unemployment rate!!! and he's even saving money so he can use it on boosting OUR unemployment rate, the chauffer remember? .. i just wish those french tech support agents we be a bit more, how do i put it in computer lingo, i duno.. smart maybe? no.. consumer satisfaction aware ?? no.. timely on the phone? no... willing to dispatch service repairs after 69 calls to ireland? no.. o i got it, more frugal! they're always trying to send me free virus protection and free 1 to 3 year incident based support. i guess that 3 bakogaks they get just has them so happy they are willing to just give away stuff.. i know i couldn't do that when i worked in DELL's headquarter's in round rock texas just north of dell where michael dell works the soon to be cannonized saint for his help getting our nation out of the financial crisis we've been in by not being greedy and paying other smaller countries to work in sweat shops with improper training that dont wear deoderant. wait what deoderant why do i keep saying that. i mean that don't fix the problem.

to sum up, f dell. buy hp. i used to hate apple. still do, after all this, i am seriously considering becoming a dam apple hippie tree lovin... nevermind. and i don't use drugs.

not anymore anyways. ah, it's good to be on my friend's computer talking about the great state of the nation with elections while my awesome XPS sits 3 feet away just waiting for who knows what.. a surprise from god maybe. that's what michael does. gives surprises to good people. i love you all.

buy from small and medium business if you really want a dell, don't be distracted by fancy looks in the consumerline. i wouldn't finance unless no interest for a year. their apr only goes up 29.99 percent, at least back in 2008. which u get to pay in full if you hvaen't paid off the pc within the year. principal and all. good stuff.

small and medium has good reps. not high school grads that sell pc's that their' managers tell them to sell because they make dell more margin. either way, if you buy their best consumer pc, the xps, *** ill give u mine for 5 dollars. helps the economy.

c money ;) love u ken

and dell. and albania's great tech support. i think it's albania.


If you use the computer dust will be after about 2 weeks. If you do not clean the dust off then it will cake on after about 2-4 months.

The dust problem will be even worse if you A-never clean it out with canned air B-have a lot of dust where you are using the computer or C-leave the computer on all the time (that means day and night 24/7. All computers have the dust problem you need to clean out about every 3 months or so.

If you do not the dust can kill the fans, and make it so the heat sinks will not be able to do their job to keep the inside parts as cool as possible.

I sure hope this helps.

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