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I purchased a Dell Inspiron 7506 2 n 1 laptop from Best Buy. I like it and it runs great.

However, this complaint is about Dell's customer support. I like Dell's SupportAssist and thought I'd look into extending the service after the warranty ran out. I clicked on the CHAT and asked my question about the cost, and Dell's answer was a toll free number to call. I call.

After struggling thru their automated menus, I finally reached a real person, but was transferred four times (disconnected once), to four different departments. By the 4th time, I was exasperated and tired of answering the same questions (they asked about everything except my hat size and the location of scars), every time I was transferred. The last person I spoke with, told me that they weren't allow to discuss pricing. That's when I finally hung up.

I still don't know what the service upgrade would cost, but I don't care. I believe Dell uses an off-shore company to provide customer support.

My advice is to find a reliable computer service tech business to help you thru whatever problems you may run into after the warranty runs out. Or, buy from a big box company, like Best Buy or Micro Center that has their own service center.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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