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i paid for a one time troubleshoot service. They say they called me twice.

never got call. then after hours of trying to work the issue out, noone has my information.

Technical support hung up on me twice, because i could not understand what they were saying. terrible service

Monetary Loss: $99.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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Been trying to return dell laptop, Lexmark monochromatic printer, and one extra toner car for a week. Returning primarily because customer service support and now dell financial services support are the worst jokes on the planet.

Made the huge mistake ordering online. I am hearing impaired 71year old 14 year throat cancer survivor. Made @ least twenty calls just to get help with setup. Never happened because impossible to understand heavy accents.

After 18 hours of failed to get a response. Finally, wound up sending multiple emails to dell financial 'services .' Another fricking obscenity of non existent service/support. After multiple emails expressing growing frustration and and anger, some jerk claiming to represent Dell by the name of Mark called me. At first I was encouraged and relieved because con man said all the right things and even said he would have the labels made for fedex and fedex would call me today monday, 02/22/21.

Never happened!! Now, I am facing late charges to be generated by all my creditors because I can't move forward to buy any laptop locally to pay online, until this sham of a company will tell me how to return all three products, and refund the credit account I had to open. Only needed less than $1000.00 and these grifters gave me $4,000.00 credit line. I have asked them repeatedly to cancel this credit line and each time they have lied to me and assured me that it was done.

Still not done! Anyone who buys from dell technologies online is at risk of a heart attack and popping a major blood vessel! I am at the stage now that I could give a rat's *** If they bill for this, I will not pay.

I don't care if my credit is trashed and these cons sic collectors on me. Maybe those *** will come pick this crap up!

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