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A Tom's Guide complaint about Dell in 2015 asked, "Is DELL's customer service as bad as they say?" I couldn't say for sure but I can tell you its really bad right now. We're talking about a company that will do most anything to avoid making good on its warranty.

See email below and note: senior management knows, they just choose to do nothing about it and they're sitting on my laptop. They've neither fixed nor returned it. Karan, the corporate unresolved issues website isn't working. I'll make note of it and make another post later in the week.

Meanwhile I'm going to post this email on the ripped off consumer websites. You probably know most off the same ones I do. 54 emails. That's how many since September.

Always, the same lame people offering the same lame communication that they had drilled into them during training. It could not be more clear: DELL ii trying .to duck it's responsibility to repair under warranty. There was a brief attempt by your people to shift responsibility - "there's a spill on the keyboard," I was told. No, I've understood the responsibility that needs to be exercised around electronics since I was five.

If there was a spill then it happened at your shop. After this response the best your team could do is to repeat itself endlessly sans sense or reason though at least two or three promised they would take care of it and then didn't. Generally, the corporate line was towed, in hope that the customer would go away. I know this technique.

I teach it. Nissan (like virtually all Japanese companies) has been using the strategy since the late 80s early 90s. Prior to a piece I wrote, I spoke to their Director of Communication in Smyrna. Of course, the difference between DELL and Nissan is that I've never been sorry I purchased something from the latter company.

I told all your employees, if the laptop is not back in my hands, fixed to my satisfaction and at no cost: then I would launch a media campaign using web, social media and all the usual resources. DELL was once a good company, everything indicates it no longer is. The laptop was a problem as soon as I hit the power button - or are you going to claim 100% quality assurance. As a Professor of Communication the campaign isn't going to be taxing.

I come into contact with hundreds, if not thousands of Professors worldwide through conferences. The academic community will want to know. Don't call me. Fix it or don't.

If so, know I'll continue the campaign until it takes root and I'll have a good technician have a look at the unit so they can tell me what you did. It's not a threat. It's simply my communication plan as expressed in 55 (now) emails and over the course of months. Please don't call me.

Donald Smith Find someone at Dell who can read and ask them to help you process the messages below. The point where I was interested in discussion has long since passed. Once, I had a problem with my Lenovo. Know what that company's team said?

"In three days you'll get a box. Send it in." The difference in corporate practice is stark and perhaps all the consumer needs to know.

Product or Service Mentioned: Dell Customer Care.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Monetary Loss: $1200.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

I liked: What the promotional literature said.

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So far there has been no response to the issues I raise in my review. The very same things that I brought to the attention of DELL President and Vice President for Customer Care

Indeed I wrote a significant amount of the leadership team and select members of the Board. The Advanced Resolution team was unhelpful and still is. The "Unresolved Issues" webpage has never functioned when I tried to submit, even though I told DELL the page was down. No one from the above constituencies ever wrote me back except for who keeps parroting his original position.

(Ironic considering DELL's slogan "DELL cares."

Rule of Law says "he who asserts must prove," DELL says, "anything is true if we say it is." Any educated person knows that an assertion in and of itself is not enough. It requires reasoning and evidence. DELL has produced neither. Perhaps their story was phony right out of the gate and they know that to be true.

How could anyone not conclude DELL DOES NOT HONOR ITS WARRANTY. In my opinion this should be at the forefront of the consumer's mind during the Holidays. The only response I received was the return of my laptop which in DELL's very words "has been returned unrepaired. One of the big three Networks Investigative Team has my story are processing it right this very moment.

I believe a story should be aired just before the Holidays which should save a lot of consumers headache and heartache.

(Nothing says Merry Christmas like an inoperable laptop). It's just as easy to buy a lenovo, Apple Velocity Micro, as it is to buy a computer from a company that does not honor its warranty.

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