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I bought a new Dell laptop in December. It wouldn't charge and I battled with Dell support in India for almost 4 hours about the problem.

They sent me a new power cord......, it didn't work! They said they would send me another computer, which took another two weeks. Fast forward six months later....., I was having a problem loading software and notified the software company. They did a remote inspection of my computer, and found out that a file in the operating system is missing.

I notified Dell and explained the problem and diagnosis. Within 2 minutes, and without even so much as opening my files, claimed "it's not a software problem, its a problem with the Firefox web browser your using. We switched to another browser and what do ya know........., it stated there was a portion of the operating system that was missing that was causing the problem. I was told they could fix it if I bought a more expensive warranty for $350, and assured me that it would take care of all problems with hardware and software issues without needing to pay anything more.

2 1/2 hours later, I was told it was they couldn't fix it and that my 6 month old laptop required a totally new install of Windows 10, which would erase all of my files that didn't come with the original purchase, including my personal files and pictures. I said NO, I'm not going to allow anyone to install anything that would delete all of my files. I declined to do it initially, and asked to speak to a supervisor. The supervisor stated that he could re-install the windows 10 operating system and save my personal files.

I agreed and was told it would cost another $20 for the installation disk. They tried to install it remotely and it wouldn't allow it to load because, it was missing the same file that supposedly was the file that was preventing me from loading the spyware I was trying to load.

So........., I've had to purchase the disk and will wait until next week to see what happens. I am done with anything with the name Dell on it!!!!!

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Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Columbia, South Carolina, United States #1345741

Thanks for the info. If you were told your OS had a missing file, what is it?

You could possibly get it online somewhere and install it yourself as long as you put it in the right place. That would be the first thing I did before submitting to Dell's blackmail and spending $350 for their extended warranty.

I have had this happen once a few years ago and after some searching online, I found the file and installed it myself, rather easily. Perhaps your Win 10 installation went awry and some file got corrupted, etc., hence the "missing file." A new install of win 10 "may" do the trick.

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