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DELL.COM SUPPORT STAFF ARE RUN BY DECEPTIVE CROOKS AND LIARS!!! "When I returned a defective laptop that I purchased from Dell, they bombarded me with emails requesting that I return the laptop despite me giving them the tracking info repeatedly. They promised me a $100 credit back in January 2016, they cancelled my extended warranty that I paid $80 for, and they still have not refunded me yet. I emailed Michael Dell, the head of, and I was assigned a "resolution specialist" named Shawn Arundale who was supposed to help me obtain my two credits. That was February 2016. After many promises of getting the credits back to me, he did absolutely nothing except "look into it and get back to me". Always an excuse to delay a refund that never arrived to this day. And the emails to Michael Dell were useless. I am out of an $80 extended warranty that was cancelled but was never refunded, and I never received the $100 credit that was promised to me. Although their products, when they work, appear good, when something goes wrong, BEWARE BUYER!! will *** over many times. MY ADVICE: BUYER BEWARE!! DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH DELL.COM!!"
Customer service
Diversity of Products or Services
Exchange, Refund and Cancellation Policy
I liked
  • Items when non-defective which is rare
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  • Strung along for months

Dell Computer Status Complaint

I ordered a laptop online in November and the system told me that I would receive it in 4 days..when I went back in to my account, I was told 6 months...I have been trying to reach someone for 2 no line is 150 plus people in front of you, phone call is at least 20 minutes or longer and emails haven't been answered. I was disconnected twice today after waiting for 2 hours the first time!!

Dell in New York, New York - Not compensating after delivering wrong laptop

I purchased online Dell Inspiron 15R 5521 on August 23, 2013. After then, the delivered laptop went to numbers of Technical repairs, Accidentally, I come to know Dell has delivered me a Laptop Inspiron 15R 3521. I raised a Service Request Case 884569566, by contacting their customer care executive. He suggested me to compensate my 3 months of suffering with new upgrade model. I chosen Inspiron 15 7000 Laptop, and he inform me that my request is in process. he will escalate this to escalation team to get my request done. After few days, got a call from Escalation Team Manager "Bharat Gopal", who were telling me that he can do part replacement but not going to compensate me with new model. I ask the reason, he justified me with a unsatisfactory reason that I have used current laptop from last 3 month. I was not convinced with this option and I ask my refund so that I can go for another laptop. They are neither giving me refund also nor processing my upgrade model request. I am fed up with calling many customer care executive and decided to complaint. Please review my case and let me know whether I can get upgrade laptop or my refund with compensation amount.

Dell in New York, New York - $129 for Virus Removal, is just too much !!!

My elder brother studies in the US and his laptop had a virus, he called Dell tech support. They wanted $129 to remove virus. Too much! He is just a student from another country and lives on a very tight budget. He then did a Google search and found a good and affordable support for virus removal, www. : they charged him just $39.99 and took remote access to his laptop and removed all the virus. Anyway, to cut the story short : why does Dell charge so much for virus removal ? There is no point in over charging anybody !!!

DELL Laptop and Customer Service is the Worst

Purchased a DELL Ispiron 3520 and within a month the hard drive crashed. MicroCenter replaced the defective laptop and now, TWO WEEKS later, the laptop is defective. Customer service is the worst. I purchased the additional customer coverage - that entitles you to, well, nothing. Calls to customer service use up all one's sanity and patience until an outsource employee with terrible ESL, is unable to help. I requested a service person come to fix the problem. Well, I fell into the DELL service abyss of incompetence, rudeness, etc. SPARE YOURSELVES, DON'T BUY DELL!!!!! I am returning my replacement laptop and buying another brand.
When I called the Dell support line I explained my software problem. My computer is out of warranty and I agreed to pay $49 for support. Then when they switch me to the technical support dweeb, he says that I was charged for a hardware support service call, and he...
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I bought my first Mac a year ago, you will love it.


When I take my car for an oil change, I don\'t expect them to charge me for a tire rotation that they don\'t do and then tell me that THAT charge is non-refundable. Update: ...

I have been in the search for a new lap top for a while. I really wanted a Mac - because they are AMAZING. But, the Mac I looked at was $1800 and that is a lot. So my mom suggested getting a Dell because they start at $800. This was much more appealing and so I agreed...
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I completely agree with you, I had the same problem with my computer, but I think that I was more patience on that, but I wont buy DELL anymore. I had a problem with my compu...


I agree DELL is the worst company out there, I have had many run ins with these jerks, and I will tell I will never buy a dell again.