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This afternoon I finally got a person to ( I hope) cancel an order and placed a new order for a 750 mb hard drive to replace the one that died. I asked the guy for a customer satisfaction survey, didn't get it, and I didn't get an invoice.

Tonight I spent nearly 3 hours on the phone, disconnected twice, before I got through. When I did get through, I told the guy that I was a combat vet with PTSD, and that I had been waiting almost 3 hours and disconnected twice. I asked to speak to an American supervisor, and was denied. I told the guy he was a *** *** and hung up because of HIS *** attitude. I still don't have a survey (this will have to do.), and I still don't know if my order was processed or not. I guess if the hard drive doesn't arrive Monday, I'll know I was *** over again. If Dell contacts me, do it by email.

David Preller

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I tried to buy a tablet. Went through most of the process.

I was put on hold to check my dell credit card number and was disconnected. Never received a return phone call. I then contacted customer service and was told I'd have to talk to another sales person and start the process over. I'd have to give SSI number and birth date to another person.

Never bought the tablet. It only makes sense you are having trouble after the sale if it's a problem buying something .

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