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it started with soft ware department calling to say that they where closing their deptment. and that they where refunding everyone there money back.

to et your refund you had to go online and open up your bank account. they don,t even ask for your acct num. they deposit the money into your acct. and by the next day its gone.

no signs of it ever being done. I called dell computers to complain and I was tranfered to another department and they tried the same thing. I knew it was a fraud then I had to close my acct at my bank and open up a new acct. I then called dell computer again to complain.

and had asked to speak to the manager. they put me on hold for a long time. so I hung up. they had called me a few days later and said they where from dell computer and said that I had a refund coming.

I told them to send it through the mail. like every one else does. and they said they couldn't do that. it had to be done online through my bank.

I told them not to call again or I would report them. and I did to the fraud department.

has anyone else have that problem with them. let me know.

Product or Service Mentioned: Dell Customer Care.

Reason of review: fraud trying to take from people. caused a lot of problems.

Preferred solution: to consider my bill paid in full. and a new computer.

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Hi...well I bought an inspirion 3668, brought it home and was going to put two more drives in it. So I opened it up and found this stupid *** computer only at a 240 watt power supply in it and of course the BS with non standard plugs so I cut the mother board plug off their power supply and wired it to a larger standard power supply and added my two drives, loaded it with windows 7 which they said I couldnt do, and it all worked fine.

So today I figured the damn thing isnt worth all that much as a real computer, I'll ad a second network card and let it be a gateway that shouldn't tax it to much. Yeah right, I put in the network card and the clot didnt work. Nothing has been in it so it was bad from the start. I took the processor out of it and the memory and threw the whole damn thing in the trash where it belongs.

They dont make standard computers that run with standard stuff. I will never by another Dell piece of garbage and if someone ever wanted to buy one from me I will tell them go somewhere else I would nt sell one of these trash pieces to my worst enemy.

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