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Feb 20, 2021 I purchased a Dell computer online. Experience was great while your spending your money.

3 days later I received a phone call and email with many typos stating that there was something wrong with my order and I needed to resolve the issue. I emailed them back stating that I have no idea what the issue is. Later I received another phone call about it, and the person said they did not receive my email response, and that there was a problem with my address in the billing department and they need my information. Clearly I did not give it to the person as it seemed like a scam or security breach.

I called Dell back, they assured me that it was not a security breach but also that no one had called me or emailed me from Dell.

I asked to speak with a manager and she would not transfer me to them, so I asked to speak with the security department and she said they don't have one. She eventually said they have a fraud department, and after some unpleasant back and forth she transferred me to them so I could make a complaint.

The person she referred me to said that the person doesn't exist and transferred me to another department. There the individual I spoke with said that it was not a scam, the person who called me indeed works there and everything was okay with my billing.

So that was that, a terrible experience with terrible communication.

My computer was supposed to arrive on or before March 18, 2021. Today, March 15, 2021, I still had not received a shipping confirmation.

I went in to check my order status, and it hasn't even entered production yet. The new shipping date was now end of April!!!!!!!!! I need the computer for work, and clearly I was upset.

I called in to speak with someone about it, and she couldn't really help me but that a manager was going to call me back in 30 minutes. 3.5 hours later I still did not receive a phone call.

I also did not receive an email telling me there would be a delay.

Dell clearly doesn't know how to communicate with it's customers. I'm spending a few thousand dollars on my new computer and expected some level of service that would show their appreciation for their customers.

After not receiving a call back, I started a chat and made many complaints, she said that she will talk to a manager and offered me a SMALL discount for my troubles which was a slap in the face. I said that if the manager cared in the first place someone would have called me. She said that a manager will call me back in 30 minutes.

No phone call.

I actually just cancelled my order because if this is how the service is before I even have my product, then I can't believe what it would be like if I have an issue with it after the fact.

I'm extremely disappointed with Dell's service, never got to even try the product.

But I can imagine if it's anything like the service, it's crap!

Do NOT waste your time researching, buying etc. because they don't care about you as a customer, they just want your money!!

User's recommendation: DO NOT BUY.

Location: Duncan, British Columbia

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