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I purchased TV from Dell in July 9th. It came in July 17th. When I opened the box, screen was broken. I called salesman who took my order and told him I want a refund. He said he will make another order now then I can get the new one on next week which was July 23th. I said okay, and that was the begging of the terrible days.

On 23th, TV didn't come. I called the salesman. He connected me with the delivery company. The delivery company told me it was scheduled on 26th. I told him I want 23th. But they kept saying it was scheduled on 26th and Dell always enter the delivery date. Well.. it was just 3 days after so I said I'll wait on it. There were nothing I could do.

On 26th, TV didn't come. I called the delivery company and they said 'we are missing the package. As soon as we have any updates, we will let you know.' What the *** does it mean missing? I called the salesman in Dell and told him I didn't get my TV yet. He said he will talk with the delivery company and call me in one hour. He never called.

On the next day, I called to Dell salesman. He told me they will call me today. I waited. Nothing happened. On the next day, it was same. and it was like that for several weeks. I had to call them everyday and complain about the issue. Everytime I made a complain, all they told me was delivery company will call me tomorrow .. blah blah..

Finally one day, Dell customer service called me. They said they are very sorry about this happened and it was the first time shipping issue occured. I don't care i'm the first or the last. I just want my TV.

I paid almost $4000 and I haven't got my TV yet. Since the TV is missing in the package terminal, I requested them to send the another one to me as soon as possible. They said they will talk with the supervisors and let me know. And again,,, no one called me. I called them on next day what the *** is going on. They told me again as soon as there's an update, they will let me know.

This TV was for my company's biggist client. They gave me a due date and it has been passed so many days. I was upset, so were my boss, and so were my client. I had to call them everyday about this issue. and all they told me was they will let me know when there's an update. ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME.

Fortunately I found other company who has a stock of this TV. So I called DELL for the last time (I wished it would be the last time..) to request a refund. Customer service told me 'Why don't you wait until tomorrow and check about the update first? then maybe you can decide whether you want to refund or now?' I 've waiting for this stupid TV almost for a month. They said they understand how I feel, They would be also pissed off if this happened to us. But hey, really? If you really understood how I felt, you'd better just shut the f off and give my money back.

They told me they will send an email relating to my refund. On the next day, of course they never send an email. I called them again where the f is my email? They told me they will send it today. On the next day, I got an email asking do I want a refund. WOW SERIOUSLY I requested refund two days ago and they asked me again?????? I'm so done with DELL in my life! I will never buy anything from DELL. NEVER EVER!

I paid approximately $4000 in July 9th. Today is August 13th. I haven't got my TV nor my money yet.

There could be a shipping problem. I understand sometimes nonsense things happens in our life. But the most problem was they didn't do well on customer service. Is it that hard to send another TV?

If I couldn't find alternative TV company, my company could lose the biggest client we have and I might get fired too. Our company wasted too much time and energy because of the stupid DELL.

Plus there are only Indians in DELL. Employees in the Salesteam and Customer service were all Indians. It was quite hard to understand because of their accent. and they don't understand my English if I talk fast. Also, they say 'okay' at the end of every single sentence and yea it's annoying. It's a big company. but the worst customer service ever.


Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $3990.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Dell Cons: Every thing, Dells lack of customer service, Worst customer service.

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