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I moved and my employer ordered two laptops and sent it to the wrong address. I contacted Dell early by phone and their login.

On the day of the delivery I called to say the site shows its going to the wrong address. They sent an email to confirm but it was still sent to the wrong address. Six weeks later they said they thought it was fraud. The people that received the wrong shipment said they returned it to fedex.

Dell said they will return my money but not send the laptops to the new address. It makes no sense, why cant they keep the money and send the laptops. I have the email but they said I never asked to have the address changed. So how is it fraud again.

Anyway two months, no money no laptops no answers, lots of truncated calls from Dell. Still pending a resolution.

User's recommendation: keep notes of all conversations and don't hold your breath.

Location: La Jolla, California

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Sounds like you didn't properly update your address with your employer

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