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My name is Jacki Briggs and i have been doing business went u guys for about 6 or 7 yrs.This will be the first time that i have to complain about anything. Needless to say im pissed i have rented an entire household from u guys to were i have become the highest card holder there is.

My complaint is i move from spartanburg sc to laurens,sc and was trying to carry over my balance from one store to the other one but that didnt work.He said that they couldnt do that here. well Travis the manager that was at the Pinewood shopping center area store which has moved to John B. white Blvd. in Spartanburg said he could.

Well the manager at the Laurens store said no that all he could do was give me a week free rents which does not make for all the money i had already put into the first computer. James said that things were different now. It would have been nice to know that u have change rules becouse i could have just keep the one i had and it may have been paid off by now and could start on something else that i have seen in the store. Becouse i like doing business with your company i said ok and still rented a computer from the Laruens store anyway.

However about 2 or 3 mths ago i took the computer back becouse the door jamed up and it wouldnt released the disk that i had in there. I took it back they gave me a replacement and to this day i have no ideal where my computer is and i dont think that they do either. I have a $136.92 all in one printer that i havent been able to use all the information from my jobs is gone, but if im late paying I get five or six phone calls or they will call to see if I want to rent something else, they even go as far as to coming to my house tagging my door with a price on it and that is it, but never a word about my computer that I need. Do u honestly want me to believe that they or looking for that computer?

I always have to say something to them about it and it has not gotten me anywhere. Im paying on the one I got today i hope that someone will contact me about this matter and I truely feel that i should be given credit the money that i had towards the last computer be credit to the one that im renting now. If one managers says that then they should all be on the same page. I can be contacted at 1-864-715-0011.


into your company i feel as if im a value and loyal consumer in your company and I hope you feel the same. thank you Jacki Briggs

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