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Just wanted to update my last several interactions with Dell. Since the time of this original post I have spent between 40 - 50 additional hours dealing with this, I even turned them into BBB and they ultimately turned a blind eye and closed my case against them.

My Latitude is still broke sitting in the corner in the box they shipped it to me in, Dell refuses to do anything about it. I reached one lady in customer service who was actual pleasant and wanted to help me. She went as far as to escalate this manner to her managers and requested that a NEW Dell Precision be shipped to me with a new 4 year warranty. Mr. Dennis Ricar Guiller at Ext 4251075 came in and pulled rank and killed this. He has been rude, yelled at me several times, every conversation I have had with him I have been talked over the top of and even been cussed out by him {He got hung up on in that call}

I went as far as to write a professional letter to Michael Dell himself and not 1 call, email or letter has been the result. When a company neglects to listen to the whispers of their customers they must result to listen to the yells. It is a very sad state when they do not listen to the yells either!!!

I am DONE WITH DELL AND WILL NEVER buy another Dell product as long as I live. LOL, I just spent $ 3500 on a new Apple / MacBook pro instead and getting ready to spend another $ 6000 of which they could have earned the business of.

I believe it is one issue to have problems with products, I even expect it, it is another when the very manufacturer refuses to stand by their products!!

I am outraged by their behavior and have stopped another purchase of $ 5000.00 of purchases and will continue to do so because of a reckless management who could care less what their customers think or say.

Original review posted by user Jul 18, 2012

I purchased a $2500.00 Dell Latitude Notebook 2.5 years ago. Day 1, they shipped me the wrong product, within a couple of weeks they sent me another notebook that ran hot and kept eating hard drives, that little adventure cost me a lot because I used the notebook for business purposes. So for the sake of time and getting back up and running I had to go purchase them.

That went on for over a year of constantly calling and them and complaining about all the issues. Every time I was transferred several times and required me to spend entire days on the phone losing valuable time in my business.

Finally they promised to send me a brand new replacement in Jan after stalling me for over a month and pushing me a day out of my warranty. What I received is a Refurb, not the new one I was promised!!

This has been the worst computer I have ever seen or experienced. The computer runs very hot and has given me the blue screen of death on 10 - 12 occasions. It also after being on for 3 - 10 minutes the screen goes either completely white or black and then crashes. When rebooting it says it shut down due to being to hot, it also when typing will completely crashes, like running on a battery and then instantly removing it.

I contacted Dell again about this, this adventure has cost me about another 40 -45 hours total. Long story short I just received the notebook back from there repair center in Texas, their answer to a crashing computer is to replace the keyboard and power cord. Upon receiving the notebook back I turned it on and it took just short of 3 minutes to crash. I after 10 minutes got it rebooted and timed it, this time it took 88 secs to crash.

Dell has told me that they refuse to do anything else due to my warranty is expired. I feel this is complete incompetence on their end. I pointed out it would be one thing it I called 2.5 years after buying it than it was to have an issue from day 1 and it has never been resolved, neither have I ever had a proper working computer. To date I have been through;

3 computers

4 monitors

5 mother boards

7 hard drives

4 CD drives

6 keyboards

Approx 400 hours of dealing with all of this!

Very, very disappointed with the response from Dell. They refuse to fix the problem the whole time they are telling me I am so important to them, complete BS!

I have just put the computer back in the box they shipped it to me in and sat it in the corner, the notebook is completely unusable.

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